Family law encompasses a broad range of legal practice areas, including adoption, divorce, child custody and support, and emancipation. In all these areas, the applicable laws and regulations are complex, and the emotional side of dealing with family issues can make such cases overwhelming.

Fortunately, a Suwanee family lawyer could provide you with knowledge and support to help you make critical decisions about what is best for you and your family. A skilled attorney could also help you with court petitions, property agreements, adoption documents, divorce cases, and family court proceedings and negotiations. Call today to learn about the ways one could assist you.

Benefits of Hiring a Family Lawyer

Between asset division, alimony, and child-related concerns, divorces are rarely easy. While “uncontested” divorces may take only 30 days to finalize, “contested” divorces can take many months of hearings and trials. A Suwanee family attorney could help you draft settlement plans to avoid trial, calculate spousal and child support, divide marital property, and plan for child custody and visitation.

Unmarried fathers may have particular difficulty establishing paternity and receiving the same rights as mothers. Legal counsel could help fathers establish legitimacy and walk them through complex paternity laws.

Family lawyers can also help parents with legal and physical child custody issues. Child custody is ultimately determined by a judge in larger divorce cases. Georgia law states that children 14 and older can choose which parent they want to live with, but a judge does not have to adhere to their decision if it jeopardizes the best interest of the child.

Further, family law courts in Suwanee use the income share model to make child support decisions, which means that children are entitled to the same amount of both parents’ incomes that they received prior to the divorce. A family lawyer in Suwanee could help determine this amount, as well as potential child support modifications that could occur in the future.

Mediation Laws in Suwanee

Suwanee courts utilize Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs to encourage divorcing parties to resolve their differences on their own. One of the options that the ADR provides in mediation, which is a negotiation process involving both spouses meeting with a mediator to work out issues such as property ownership, alimony, and child support/custody.

If all issues are resolved, the parties can file an “uncontested” divorce, which is quicker than a “contested” divorce. Since mediation would happen before individuals go to court, the divorce process could be expedited and lead to mutually agreed-upon solutions.

Contact a Suwanee Family Attorney Today

Whether your family relationship is being united or broken, a Suwanee family lawyer could help you navigate the respective legal processes. A compassionate attorney could handle sensitive issues on your behalf and help you protect your family’s rights, so call today to get started.


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