Preparing for Divorce in Atlanta, GA

No one expects their marriage to end in divorce, and reaching the point where you believe divorce is the only option can be emotionally taxing. However, planning ahead for the possible complications of dissolving a marriage can help make the process smoother and ensure that your interests are accounted for.

If you are preparing for divorce in Atlanta, GA, there are a few essential steps for you to consider as you move forward. A knowledgeable divorce attorney on our team can help you take the necessary steps to safeguard your rights before even going to court.

Divorces Involving Children

Some people do not want to completely divorce their partner for financial, legal, or personal reasons. You and your spouse may opt to separate while you decide to continue with a divorce. Dependents – especially children of the marriage – can complicate a person’s decision about whether to divorce their partner.

If you and your ex share children or either of you have other dependents, preparing a parenting plan or custody agreement before filing for divorce can be essential. Understanding who has custody of your children at what time and other logistics surrounding their care is critical to maintaining structure in their lives. Deciding where the children live, who they will live with, and other major life components like education before bringing your marital issues to court can help minimize conflict and contention during Georgia divorce litigation.

Planning Your Finances Before a Divorce

It is also important to plan for how each party’s financial status could be impacted by a divorce or separation. A good place to start is by making a list of all individual bank accounts, retirement accounts, and other jointly held accounts. Although it may feel strange and unnecessary, separating your finances from your ex’s is often key to determining how you will support yourself after the divorce.

Another crucial step in preparing for divorce in Atlanta is valuing property and assets. Being aware of your and your spouse’s assets can streamline the division of property and reaffirm ownership of the items you find important.

Recognize the Process

A divorce is a marathon, not a sprint. Spouses will have to manage various financial, physical, and emotional aspects of their lives while also determining what they find individually important. For this reason, it may be in your best interest to discuss your expectations and goals with an attorney before entering divorce litigation with your spouse.

A member of our team can summon other experts to help support your case. There are numerous organizations, consultants, social workers, and legal agencies available to help simplify the process of dissolving a marriage in Atlanta. Family and friends can also be invaluable resources during this time.

Enlist the Help of an Atlanta, GA Attorney When Preparing for Divorce

A dedicated attorney understands the position you are in and can help you protect your rights throughout the dissolution of your marriage. At the Atlanta Divorce Law Group, our knowledgeable attorneys could help you navigate this difficult time while simultaneously prioritizing what you find important.

Whether you are in the early stages of determining if dissolution of marriage is right for you, or you are certain your marriage is irretrievably broken, let us assist you in preparing for divorce in Atlanta, GA. Reach out to our intake team to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

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