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These are the most common questions to consider when filing your taxes after a divorce. Who claims the children as dependents? In most cases, the parent who has physical custody claims the children, even if Dad is paying child support. But the majority of divorce decrees addresses this issue, so always check your divorce decree […]

Steps in the Divorce Process

The Divorce Process Most of the people who call our office for help ask about what the divorce process looks like and how much time it will take. Every family is unique, and it depends on whether the divorce is contested (parties do not agree on details of agreement); or uncontested (both parties amicably agree […]

Where do I file my divorce (legal matter) if my spouse lives in another county?

Jurisdiction Questions: Where do I file my divorce (or legal matter) if my spouse lives in another state? This is one of the most common questions we get day in and day out. If you need to file for a divorce, child custody matter, Legitimation or other family law matter, and the opposing party lives […]

Discernment Counseling – Don’t Get Stuck in the Status Quo

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a type of therapy that rather than trying to fix your marriage, would analyze your relationship and tell you if it was salvageable or not? Now there is – it’s called Discernment Counseling. Is your marriage stagnant, but you’re just not sure whether to stay or go? There […]

5 Guidelines for Introducing Your Kids to Your New Girl/Boy Friend After Divorce

5 Guidelines for Introducing Your Kids to a New Significant Other After Divorce For many of our clients, it takes some time after their divorce to feel ready to start dating seriously again. This is especially true for our divorced parents whose primary concern, both during and after their divorce, is the wellbeing of their […]