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An unfair child support order that is the result of a divorce can make a family’s life difficult. A paying parent may find themselves unable to make the payments and suffer severe civil and criminal penalties as a result. Alternatively, a receiving parent may not be able to rely on this steady source of income to take care of their child, or the children in question may not have their needs met.

When a child support order no longer works for a family, either parent may request that a local family court modify it according to their new needs. However, the petitioner must prove that either parent has experienced a significant change in circumstances which makes the terms of their current support order obsolete.

A Suwanee child support modification lawyer can help pursue legally binding alterations of a court order. A steadfast child support attorney from our firm can provide valuable insight about how to make long-term changes and assist with gathering the necessary documentation.

Common Reasons to Pursue Alterations

The purpose of a support order is to ensure that a child receives the resources they need to grow into a productive adult. This typically involves money to pay for food, clothes, and shelter. A family court issues these orders during divorces or any incident where the parents no longer live together. Any parent without primary physical custody must pay some form of support to the other.

However appropriate these orders may be at the time of creation, certain circumstances in life can change and warrant a modification, such as:

  • A paying parent experiencing an illness or injury that keeps them out of work;
  • A significant and involuntary change in either parent’s income; and
  • The child’s financial needs change.

Within the first two years of an order, a parent must establish at least one of the following factors to request a modification to child support: the non-custodial parent is exercising either more or less visitation than ordered by the court, or either parent has experienced an involuntary loss of income. No matter when your order was signed, a Suwanee child support alteration attorney can help prove a family’s need for a modification to a judge.

If Your Case is Handled Through DCSS

Sometimes child support orders are managed through the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS). To initiate a child support modification request through DCSS, either parent may submit form RAF WEB/2-3 to the DCSS, which should include:

  • A certified copy of the standing support order;
  • Financial documents like tax returns and pay stubs;
  • Any supplementary documentation that supports a parent’s position, such as proof of loss of employment or the receipt of TANF benefits; and
  • Personal/Financial Affidavit and other DCSS forms.

The DCSS will usually make a decision within six months of receiving a petition for modification. In the meantime, parents must continue the current payment plan. Working with a child support modification lawyer in Suwanee can make a substantial difference in correctly and efficiently requesting alterations.

A Suwanee Child Support Modification Attorney Can Help Set Things Right

The payment of child support is a crucial legal aspect of many parents’ lives. The payor has an obligation to financially support their kids, and a failure to make payments can have severe civil and criminal consequences. The receiving parent also relies on this money to raise their children. It is in a child’s best interests to ensure that a support plan is fair and matches both parents’ current circumstances.

A Suwanee child support modification lawyer from our firm can help you determine your eligibility to make changes to your current order. Contact our intake team today to schedule an appointment.

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