Suwanee Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Grandparents play an essential role in the lives of their grandchildren. The law recognizes that fact and supports grandparents in maintaining these special relationships. If you have not been able to see your grandchildren, speak with a seasoned family attorney about possible legal options.

Grandparents have the right to ask a family court for visitation in some situations, but not all. A Suwanee grandparents’ rights lawyer can explain the law and help you decide what to do. If necessary, our firm can represent you in a court action to gain access to your grandchildren.

Parents Can Deny Grandparents Access to Grandchildren

Tragically, disputes in the family sometimes interfere with a grandparent’s relationship with their grandchildren. When grandparents and parents have a strained relationship, sometimes the parents intentionally keep their children away from the grandparents.

The law allows parents to decide who can spend time with their children. Unfortunately, if both parents are living together with the children and refuse to let a grandparent see them, the grandparent has no legal recourse in most cases. Courts will respect a parent’s right to deny visitation even if one of the grandchildren’s parents is deceased.

Sometimes family counseling or mediation could help resolve the issue between you and the grandchildren’s parents. A Suwanee grandparents’ rights attorney can point you toward helpful resources.

Petitioning a Court for Grandparent Visitation

The Official Code of Georgia § 19-7-3 allows a grandparent to petition a family court for visitation in some circumstances. If parents live apart, the grandparent can ask a court to allow them reasonable visitation time with the grandchildren. Similarly, if the parents are involved in a custody dispute, a grandparent can intervene in the custody proceeding to seek visitation.

When turning to Georgia courts for visitation rights, a grandparent must prove that the grandchildren would suffer harm if their relationship were severed. Points that could support this position include:

  • Having lived with the grandchildren for a substantial period of time;
  • Providing financial support to the grandchildren for at least one year;
  • Having significant responsibilities related to the grandchildren’s care;
  • A pattern of frequent contact and visits with the grandchildren.

A Suwanee attorney can help individuals establish that maintaining a grandparent’s right to a relationship with their grandchild is in the child’s best interests.

Seeking Custody of Grandchildren

Sometimes drug abuse, mental health challenges, or other issues prevent parents from providing proper care to their children. Grandparents often step in in these circumstances and provide a home for the children with the parent’s consent. However, if the parents object, a grandparent can petition the family court for custody of their grandchildren.

To take over the custody of grandchildren, a grandparent must prove that the children will suffer physical or long-term emotional harm if they remain in their parent’s custody. The grandparent must also establish that living with them would be the best option for the children’s welfare and happiness.

Petitioning for custody of grandchildren can be an emotionally wrenching experience. Turn to a Suwanee grandparent’s rights attorney for support through the proceeding.

Consult a Suwanee Attorney About Your Rights as a Grandparent

If you are not seeing your grandchildren as much as you would like, you might have legal options to remedy the situation. A Suwanee grandparents’ rights lawyer can explain whether asking a court for visitation is appropriate in your circumstances. If you seek full-time custody of your grandchildren, our legal professionals can advise you on how to proceed.

Do not risk one of the most meaningful relationships you and your grandchildren will ever have. Contact our firm today.

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