A caring, perceptive family law firm can be a tremendous advocate in times of personal upheaval such as divorce or a child custody dispute. Working closely with a divorce lawyer requires great trust.

Beginning with your first conversation with us, you will know that the Atlanta Divorce Law Group has a genuine concern for your total well-being.

Meet Our Team

Our Philosophy

Family law is about helping individuals and families manage the emotional struggles of facing an uncertain future. It is about our legal team being human and sensitive and empathetic to this big change that is occurring in our clients’ lives.

The Atlanta Divorce Law Group has been founded on a history of helping families through the most challenging times of their lives. This is really the niche in which our attorneys and staff at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group have become experts at.

And since we take such a holistic approach in how we help a family get through a transition, we have been involved with all aspects of the family’s life as they deal with a crisis.

At the end of the day, our mission is to do away with the stigma of divorce by providing secure and happy futures for our clients.  In doing so, we believe the rest of our community will begin to see that when divorce becomes necessary, it can be a healthy event.  Through our Happily Ever After Divorce ® philosophy, we will reach our mission one happy client at a time.

Atlanta Family Law Firm Protecting What You Value Most

We work with families who are going through a major transition. By approaching divorce as a healthy situation, we help the family restructure itself instead of splitting apart.

Family law concerns the restructuring of the family unit. Because two people divorce does not mean that they are no longer a family. They are still mommy and daddy to their little kids; they still have to attend birthdays, holidays, and graduations together; they still have to grandparent together.

We help the family plan for the future by coming up with a new structure of being a family. This will be healthier for all involved. The alternative is to lose energy, money, and the mental well-being of the family by fighting each other in a conflict where no one comes out on top.

Divorce can mean a rebirth. Removing the reproach and hostility that comes with divorce is the key to moving forward with hope and purpose.

Please contact us to learn how we can help, or call our family law firm at (678) 203-9893.

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