The Veteran Bravery Winners

Every day, soldiers volunteer to fight for our safety and freedom by risking their lives to protect us. Our team at The Khaki Law Firm is passionate about recognizing these individuals for their commitment and selflessness through our Veteran Bravery Nomination. Thank you to everyone who nominated a soldier they know. We were so touched by your stories and are inspired by your bravery.

To learn more about our Veteran Bravery Nomination and stay up to date on future deadlines, click here.

2021 Winner: Franklyn E. Dailey

Biography: Born in 1921, Franklyn E. Dailey spent his childhood in Brockport, NY. Franklyn graduated in 3 years with Honors from the United States Naval Academy during the WWII accelerated program in 1942. Lt. Dailey, 1945 was commended for his service in WWII aboard the USS Edison as Gunnery Officer during the invasion of Southern France in 1944. (Left Article) After the war (Photo Below) Dailey piloting an F8F Bearcat (middle Plane) while he radio controls a F6F Hellcat Drone (front Plane) with another F8F Bearcat chase plane in 1953, out of Chincoteague, VA. for VX2 NOLO Operations. Deployed to Whidbey Island, WA. to serve in Squadron VPH/L 7 as copilot of a PB4Y-2 Privateer with advance base at Kodiak, patrolling open water and traffic in the Aleutian Island chain while listening to Russian broadcasts. A business career unfolded in 1960 and Franklyn maintained his presence in various squadrons in the active Naval Air reserve, eventually retiring as a Squadron Commander. Franklyn has also appeared on The History Channel to discuss the disappearance of Flight 19 of which he was part of the rescue efforts. He served as a Consultant-data storage expert to the National Archives during the Reagan Administration. Franklyn resides in Alpharetta, GA at an Independent Living Facility. Franklyn was married to Marguerite (Peggy) Parker Dailey for 73 years and they had 8 children. (Picture Below) Franklyn and Peggy married 1944. Peggy passed away in 2017 at 97 years of age. Franklyn encourages you to visit his website at that chronicles many WWII events and other notable stories. He has also written two books on his military & aviation experiences.

Factcheck: Franklyn did NOT receive the Silver Star. The Silver Star noted in the 1945 news article, which is a personal award, actually refers to a Silver battle star award which accounts for his participation in 5 battles where each battle is represented by one Bronze star. That the number of battles might be numerous 5 would be equal to a Silver battle star and so on.

Reaction Statement: “I am honored and humbled to receive this award. Please remember and pray for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice and have never been able to share time with loved ones. They are the true heroes.”

2020 Winner: Kalvin Edwards

Congratulations to Kalvin Edwards for being selected as our 2020 Veteran Bravery Winner! We are so grateful to have heard Kalvin’s story and are appreciative of his service. Kalvin is originally from Miami, Florida. At the age of 17 years old, he joined the US Army and served in multiple overseas tours and three combat tours. Kalvin received numerous awards for service, combat action badge, and Bronze Star Medal recipient. Kalvin suffered from injuries in his last tour to Afghanistan and received early retirement. Please join us in thanking Kalvin Edwards for his bravery, service, and as a winner of our Veteran Bravery Nomination.

Reaction Statement: “It’s an honor and privilege to be nominated for my service. I want to thank the Khaki Law Firm and my fellow brothers and sisters who’ve served and continue to serve.”

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