Suwanee Spousal Support Lawyer

When marriages end, one spouse may be left in a position where they are dependent on the other spouse’s income. If this is the case, there are legal remedies available that allow a spouse to leave a marriage without threatening their financial stability.

The law does this by requiring the financially secure spouse to make spousal support payments, also known as alimony payments or maintenance, to the dependent spouse. The duration and amount of these payments can depend on several factors, making the guidance of a Suwanee spousal support lawyer useful. By working with a team of well-versed family law attorneys, you can make sure any support agreements reflect the unique factors present in your marriage.

What is the Point of Spousal Support?

Spousal support is paid by one spouse to another to make sure one spouse is not substantially financially worse-off than the other. When determining whether support is appropriate, the court will consider several factors, including the length of the marriage, the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage, and the age and health of each spouse.

Because each couple’s situation is unique, the spousal support order that may be appropriate will also vary widely. A Suwanee attorney can help analyze the specific situation to determine what spousal support may be appropriate in your case.

Types of Alimony Orders

Just as the factors that determine support vary widely, so do the types of alimony. Depending on the specific circumstances, the duration may also vary. An attorney can explain how the length of support payments are determined.

Rehabilitative Spousal Support

After shorter marriages or situations where a financially-dependent spouse can recover their financial standing in a relatively short period of time, rehabilitative alimony may be awarded. This type of support provides payments from one spouse to the other for a set period of time after the divorce has been finalized. The limited duration of rehabilitative alimony aims to give a spouse enough time to recover, or rehabilitate, their professional career without worrying about making ends meet.

Permanent Alimony Orders

On the other hand, there are marriages that end in divorce where one spouse has little chance of reentering the workforce. Dependent spouses in these cases are often either too old to advance their career very far. In these cases, the court is likely to order spousal support payments without a set duration and that only expire when the recipient spouse remarries.

Can a Spousal Support Order in Suwanee be Modified?

Spousal support orders are not set in stone. If either the paying spouse or the recipient spouse has a significant life event that changes what they can pay or what they need to make ends meet, they can apply for a modification that better suits their needs than the original order.

When applying for a modification of alimony, there are certain requirements that must be met. These requirements include specific factors affecting the agreement, such as the length of time that has passed since the original agreement. A Suwanee spousal support lawyer can review the factors behind the request for a modification to help determine whether it is valid.

Consult with a Suwanee Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal support is often one of the most contentious issues that must be resolved during a divorce proceeding. However, the post-divorce future of spouses who receive and pay alimony may depend on the outcome of these discussions.

That is why it is so important to have a skilled Suwanee spousal support lawyer on your side during these tense portions of the divorce case. Call today to learn more.

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