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Beyond legal issues, a family unit that is being split up goes through many logistical and emotional needs. A good divorce attorney will NOT draw a “legal line” in the sand to say they will not help you with any outside matters.

Our legal team understands how divorce is going to impact you, your kids, your parents and grandparents. The entire family is going to experience shock waves in all aspects of their lives — financial, social, logistical and emotional. We are here for all of it.

Our Family Law Services Include:


Divorce does not have to mean the end of the family. We help our clients view divorce as a healthy action, and help the family restructure itself instead of splitting apart. From our offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Marietta, our attorneys provide comprehensive services in all aspects of divorce proceedings, and take many extra steps to ensure your well-being remains intact. Learn more about the divorce process.


Georgia alimony issues require a strong advocate on your side to protect your interests. An award or denial of alimony can significantly shape both parties’ financial futures. We represent people seeking alimony as well as people from whom alimony is being sought.

Child Custody

Every custody claim is unique and requires specific legal advice from an experienced child custody lawyer. We work with you to preserve your interests and those of your children. Our mission is to protect children by helping parents become happy again by restructuring their family unit.

Child Support

Nothing is more important than our children, and child support matters should be focused on fulfilling a responsibility to your children. Ensuring that your rights are protected, as well as your child’s future, is imperative.

Division of Assets

The division of marital assets, and debt, is a major part of most divorce cases. Who gets what? How is marital property divided? The issue is complex. Talk to us to understand your rights and your available options – we are ready to effectively help you make sound decisions for your future


Life circumstances often change; as a result, you may find it necessary to request modification orders to child custody, child support, or alimony.  The Atlanta Divorce Law Group can help you through this process with understanding and care.


There are many facets to the adoption process, and it can be quite overwhelming for you even though it’s a very exciting time in your life.  Let us take the stress of the legal process off your shoulders so you can focus on getting ready for the new addition to your family.  The Atlanta Divorce Law Group will make sure you and your family are protected and prepared for a new life together.

Grandparents Rights

Our law firm’s philosophy is this: Our clients’ needs come first and foremost. And the legal, technical side of divorce is just part of what our clients need.

Problems related to divorce do not always fit in the normal business schedule or legal venue. As we represent each client, our legal team become very familiar with each person’s worries, strengths, needs and goals.

When a family unit undergoes divorce, all of a sudden a person’s life misses certain “support.” Suddenly your spouse isn’t there, and you have to handle the everyday activities of home, career and childcare alone.  But with our assistance, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Contact us today for a consultation so we can help you get started on your path to a Happily Ever After Divorce®.

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