Adoption is a serious step that no one should take without first considering the legal implications, as adopting a child involves an entire court process. The familial and legal benefits of adoption are significant. An adopted child becomes the full heir and legal ward of their adoptive parents, giving the child a greater chance at success in life.

A Suwanee adoption lawyer can guide you through the process of adding a child to your family. A skilled family law attorney from our firm can also advise you on how adopting a child changes the legal rights and obligations of all involved parties.

Adopting a Child

Pursuing an adoption in our area through the Gwinnet Superior Court requires you to prove two things, the first of which is that you are fit to be a parent. Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-8-3, any person over the age of 24 can be an adoptive parent, and any married couple can adopt a child regardless of their ages.

Parents must also complete Georgia’s IMPACT program and satisfy the Department of Human Service’s (DHS) requirements through a combination of interviews and home visits. A Suwanee adoption attorney can help you understand and navigate these processes.

The second thing you must prove is that the child’s biological parents no longer retain their rights over the child. Biological parents may submit a voluntary surrender of their parental rights to the State, or a court may terminate their parental rights without their consent. It falls to a prospective parent to prove these elements, so let a Suwanee attorney take the lead in your adoption case.

The Legal Effects of Adoption

As skilled attorneys can attest, the goal of adoption in Suwanee is to place a child with a loving and nurturing family. However, the impact reaches far beyond giving a child a new home, as the legal effects of adoption can be significant.

As far as the law is concerned, an adopted child is no different from a biological one. This means that the child would be the heir to their parents’ estates and can expect to receive child support from a non-custodial parent in the event of a future divorce. The child would be a beneficiary in insurance policies or wills, as well.

Contact a Suwanee Adoption Attorney Today

Making the decision to adopt a child can be a wonderful way to expand your family and give a child a better future. However, you must convince both the local court and the Department of Human Services that you can provide a good home for the child. This includes proving that biological parents no longer have any rights over the child.

A seasoned Suwanee adoption lawyer can help you satisfy the qualifying factors associated with adopting a child and prove that the biological parents no longer have parental rights. We can also provide more information about the legal effects of adoption on both parents and children. Contact our intake team today to learn more about this legal process.

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