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If you are going through a divorce, separating from your child’s father, or dealing with a paternity issue, you need a sincere family attorney who understands your perspective. A Suwanee mother’s rights lawyer is dedicated to supporting families and protecting the relationship between mothers and their children.

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Representing Mothers in Custody Issues

The Official Code of Georgia § 19-9-3 explicitly states that judges may not favor the mother or father when making custody decisions. Instead, the judge must consider the children’s best interests when deciding where they will live. This can include multiple factors, including:

  • The nature of each parent’s relationship with the children;
  • Which parent has performed the primary caregiving role up to now;
  • Which parent is most familiar with the child’s needs, expectations, likes, and dislikes;
  • The length of time the child has been living in their current environment;
  • Each parent’s work schedule and their flexibility to alter it to meet the children’s needs;
  • Any history of domestic violence, child neglect, abuse, or substance misuse.

Georgia family courts must also consider each parent’s ability to encourage their children’s positive relationships with their other parent.

When a mother has been the children’s primary caretaker and is most involved in their activities, a judge could decide that the children should live most of the time with them. A Suwanee attorney can present evidence to the court supporting a mother’s rights and ability to provide the most stable and familiar environment.

Sole Custody is Possible in Some Circumstances

Many mothers hope to retain full custody of their children and limit the father’s visitation. Although such arrangements were typical decades ago, the law presumes children benefit from having substantial time with both their parents.

However, if a parent can show that the children’s father is not fit to care for them, they could obtain sole physical custody. The parent could also win sole legal custody if the children’s father is violent or abusive. Having sole legal custody means a parent would not have to consult their co-parent before making decisions for the child. A Suwanee attorney can help mothers understand and protect their rights during challenging custody deliberations.

Advocating for Adequate Support

Mothers often delay, interrupt, or de-emphasize career achievement to care for their children. When couples split, a mother’s decision to prioritize their children could leave them financially disadvantaged. Georgia allows mothers to seek ongoing financial support when a marriage ends. Courts usually grant it if the marriage lasted at least ten years and the requesting spouse cannot provide a reasonable standard of living without assistance.

A family court might not award alimony if the marriage did not last ten years or a mother was at fault in a divorce. However, a Suwanee mother’s rights attorney can help negotiate a support agreement directly with a spouse. Georgia courts usually honor agreements the couple reaches together.

Additionally, if the child’s father has not acknowledged paternity, the other parent can bring a petition in court forcing him to either acknowledge paternity or provide a DNA sample. If the DNA test establishes that the man is the child’s biological father, the other parent can seek child support from him.

Protect Your Family with a Suwanee Mothers’ Rights Attorney

When changes happen in your family, such as a divorce, you might worry about how they will affect your children. Working with a Suwanee mothers’ rights lawyer can ensure you will always be there for them.

Do not try to negotiate a divorce or separation alone. Contact our firm today for experienced guidance.

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