Common Marriage Issues and How To Navigate Them

Just as there are no perfect people, there are no perfect marriages. Typically, even couples in happy unions face their fair share of bumps in the road, especially when they experience trying times. One of the best ways to safeguard against bigger problems in your marriage is to prepare for the fact that you and your spouse will occasionally have disagreements and difficulties. Approaching situations as a unit can help you to tackle even the most serious conflicts. Here are some of the most common marriage issues with tips to help you navigate them more successfully.

Issues With In-Laws

Everyone has a unique relationship with their parents; sometimes, those relationships do not translate well into in-law relationships. Some people are incredibly close to their parents and expect them to play a key role in all aspects of their life, while others have a more cordial or distant relationship. Well before a couple gets married, they should have a frank discussion about how their respective in-laws will factor into life as a married couple. Deciding on the role they will play may go a long way toward keeping tensions at bay in the future.

Money Problems

Most couples disagree about money during their relationship. According to an APA survey, almost a third of adults with partners report that money is a significant source of conflict in their relationship. One way couples can tackle disagreements about finances is by having an honest conversation to establish mutual goals. They can then decide on reasonable spending habits for both of them and remove the expectation that one person will handle all the bill-paying responsibilities. Couples can also try to divide tasks equally so that neither of them finds the financial pressure overwhelming.

Busy Work Schedules

The daily stress that comes from busy work schedules can challenge even a solid marriage. Although they do not always lead to relationship problems, work-related issues can leave couples struggling to find opportunities to connect emotionally. If one or both partners suffer from burnout due to stress at work, they can take a step back and look for ways to interact throughout the week. Sometimes, couples who take the time to catch up over lunch or a quick workout find it helps to rekindle the spark in their relationship. They can consider scheduling weekly check-ins and make an effort to plan a romantic date night at least once a month.

Religious Differences

Ideally, a relationship’s courtship and dating stage are when couples address differences in core values such as religious preferences. However, if this becomes an issue later in the relationship, spouses will need to have a serious conversation about how to proceed. As with most common marriage issues, a heart-to-heart conversation should be the starting point of any resolution journey. Couples should never belittle each other’s religious beliefs, even if they do not understand or agree with them. Partners should make it a point to show respect to each other and try to agree on a specific religious path for future children.

Get Assistance With Common Marriage Issues and Learn How to Navigate Them

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