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People often go through a season in life that is unplanned and unexpected. They are often left feeling hopeless and full of unanswered questions. At the Atlanta Divorce Law Group, we see this with many of our clients.
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It is human nature to ask “Why” and expect to get an answer. This state of mind is amplified during times of stress, and in our case, divorce and child custody situations. As we have worked with clients over the years, we have learned that, more often than not, we rarely get a satisfying answer to the “Why” thus making it difficult to find closure and move forward with the next chapter of life.

The purpose of this support group is to help individuals going through divorce or who are divorced let go of the question “Why?” that keeps them focused on the past and start looking towards what the future can hold. It is an opportunity to meet with people who can empathize with your experience and gain a support system to focus on your Happily Ever After Divorce®. It is a safe haven to explore your feelings of anger, bitterness, sadness, and grief over the future that was lost. It is a community to work towards hope and joy in what is to come, to grow as a person, and discover what new opportunities are out there just waiting for you to grab hold.

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Our Mission

The Atlanta Divorce Law Group’s mission is to fight the stigma of divorce. This begins with those going through divorce. We truly believe in Happily Ever After Divorce®. We are advocates of fighting for a healthy and emotionally stable family life. Sometimes divorce is necessary to achieve that for both parents and children. ADLG considers it our responsibility to make this transition as smooth as possible by serving our clients beyond just their legal needs. We want to provide as many resources as possible for our clients. This divorce support group is one of many.

About Kathleen Shack

ADLG is excited to be partnering with Kathleen Shack, MS, LMFT in hosting this support group. Kathleen is an experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, Certified Discernment Counselor, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Child Specialist and Registered Divorce Mediator. She is the Founder and CEO of Family Solutions Counseling, LLC. She will be moderating the divorce support chat and leading discussions on various topics during each session. We are so honored that she is sharing her experience with our firm and support group members.

You can learn more about her services on her website:

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If you would like more information about the support group or the Atlanta Divorce Law Group, please email We look forward to being a part of your journey to a Happily Ever After Divorce®.


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