What Are the Costs of a Divorce?

While there are many issues to consider during a divorce, cost is one of the primary factors on most people’s minds. If you are facing the potential dissolution of your marriage, understanding the costs of a divorce is important. Let our firm give you the guidance and support you need. Call today to get answers to your questions.

Attorney Fees

Legal fees are usually a major part of the cost of a divorce. Most divorce attorneys bill by the hour. This means they charge their hourly rate for all the time they spend on the case, including things like analyzing and organizing documents, filing paperwork, contacting local courts, and more. While some lawyers will handle divorce cases on a flat-fee basis, this is usually limited to simple, uncontested situations that do not require litigation.

Court Costs

There are also costs associated with the filing of a divorce case. This includes the fee every person must pay when filing their divorce petition.

Court costs are usually unavoidable. However, in some jurisdictions, the judge might agree to waive these fees for someone who can show they are facing financial hardship and are unable to pay.

In addition to court costs, a person can also expect to pay service fees. These cover the cost of formally serving the divorce petition on their spouse. A divorce case cannot proceed unless the non-filing spouse has been formally notified of the proceedings.

Other Expenses

Other expenses can accumulate in a divorce case depending on the direction the case takes. For example, the parties will have to pay for the cost of hiring a mediator if they choose to or are required to attend divorce mediation.

Additionally, complex divorce litigation often requires experts to testify at trial. This could involve financial analysts valuing the property owned by the spouses.

Treat Some Costs Like an Investment

There is no question that there are costs associated with the divorce process, and many of those expenses are related to hiring an attorney. It can be easy to look at that money as an expense, but it is more realistic to consider it an investment.

Hiring an attorney to handle a divorce case can provide protection against countless costly errors. The mistakes you avoid when relying on the guidance of experienced legal counsel could more than make up for your legal fees.

Reach Out to Our Team To Learn More About the Cost of Divorce

There is no question that the divorce process can be costly for some people. However, understanding these costs is the first step towards limiting the financial impact of a divorce case.

Our firm can provide you with important guidance on keeping the cost of your divorce under control. Reach out to the Atlanta Divorce Law Group for more information about how much a divorce may cost in your situation.

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