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February 2018: Do I have to file legal matters in the state where I live, or where we were married?
January 2018: How to Introduce a New Boyfriend or Girlfriend to Your Kids
December 2017: Can Text Messages Be Used as Evidence in Family Law Cases?
November 2017: 5 Ways to Retain an Attorney When You’re Not the Breadwinner
October 2017: What to do when your ex doesn’t follow your divorce decree
September 2017: Top Five Ways to Minimize Attorneys Fees in Divorce
August 2017: Children Adjusting to a Parent’s New Relationship and Remarriage
July 2017: Dating With Children: The Power of Rules
June 2017: Post-Divorce Parenting: You Can Only Control What Happens In Your Home
May 2017 ; Top Tips for Successful Joint Physical Custody
April 2017: Joint Legal and Physical Custody in Georgia
March 2017: How Grandparents Gain Custody of their Grandchildren in Georgia
February 2017: Top Five Ways to Minimize Attorneys Fees
January 2017: What do I do if I think My Spouse is Going to File for Divorce?
November 2016: Will I Get More Alimony If My Ex-Spouse Cheated On Me?
October 2016: Should I Open A Separate Bank Account If I’m Ready To File For Divorce?
September 2016: What are My Options for Medical Insurance After the Divorce is Finalized?



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