Suwanee Separation Agreements Lawyer

Not every married couple that has problems wants to solve them with a divorce. A separation agreement can give parties space and the ability to live on their own like a divorce, but without legally separating the marital relationship.

If you believe a separation might be the best choice for your marriage, schedule an appointment with a Suwanee separation arrangement lawyer. A knowledgeable family attorney could find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of these marital contracts.

Separation Agreements and Speeding Up Divorce

A separation agreement specifies both individuals’ rights and responsibilities during the time the couple lives apart, as well as the terms and conditions that apply to the split. Separation agreements work much like divorce settlements, so the parties involved must agree on issues such as dividing their property, the custody of any children, the payment of any child support or alimony, and who will be responsible for paying specific bills and debts.

A separation agreement often becomes a couple’s divorce settlement if they decide to end their marriage. Judges frequently adopt these contracts in their entirety, which may make it critical to retain an experienced Suwanee separation agreements attorney who could draft and review the contracts.

Separation agreements often give both spouses peace of mind about what will happen if they divorce. Many people find that this certainty helps them make rational and clearheaded decisions about the future of their relationship.

Separated Couples Do Not Have to Divorce

Married couples who enter into separation agreements are not required to divorce in the future. In fact, many spouses prefer to remain legally married for a variety of reasons.

Some couples follow a religion or live in a cultural group that does not approve of divorce, and while they may not want to live together, filing for divorce might not be an option. A separation agreement can give these couples a legal contract to govern their split without affecting their marital status.

Additionally, some couples may use their time apart to reconnect and rebuild their relationship. Many people who begin living apart from their spouse realize that they were happier in marriage and use their separation as an impetus to seek marriage counseling or couples’ therapy.

Finally, others may choose legal separation so that either spouse might continue to receive certain benefits from the marriage, such as health insurance through their spouse’s job. Whatever a couple’s rationale may be, a separation agreement lawyer could advocate for their unique needs.

Talk to a Suwanee Separation Agreements Attorney

A separation agreement should be treated as seriously as negotiations for a divorce settlement. The decisions that a couple makes about their separation may affect their lives for years to come, and the terms of their separation agreement could become permanent if a judge adopts those conditions as part of a divorce decree.

Individuals who want to file separation agreements need to consider many important issues like child custody and visitation, the division of marital property, and any agreements for financial support. If you are ready to live separately but do not want to get divorced, talk to a Suwanee separation arrangement lawyer to find out whether this kind of arrangement could work for you.

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