Suwanee Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

After the judge finalizes your divorce, disputes with your ex-spouse can still arise. Some circumstances might merit going back to court to modify a divorce decree. For example, if you are paying spousal support and your ex remarries or moves in with a partner, it may be fair to modify the payment.

Issues regarding children are also common reasons you and your ex-spouse may disagree following the dissolution of your marriage. Regardless of the topic at hand, when you are embroiled in an argument with an ex over a condition the family law judge imposed, contact a Suwanee post-divorce disputes lawyer for assistance. Our trusted family attorneys are here to advocate for your best interests.

Common Post-Divorce Disputes in Georgia

Since life is ever-changing, certain aspects of a divorce decree may no longer serve the purpose they did when the divorcing couple agreed to them. For example, one spouse could move out of Georgia, affecting child custody or a visitation schedule. The parties might even renew a child custody battle if the primary custodial parent does not act in a child’s best interest. Some common reasons to ask the Georgia superior court to modify a divorce decree include:

  • Relocation – a custodial parent moves out of Georgia, and the non-custodial parent can no longer visit on the agreed-to schedule;
  • Remarriage – an ex receiving spousal support remarries;
  • Job change – the ex receiving spousal support takes a higher-paying position, or the ex paying spousal support loses a job and must take a lower-paying position;
  • Fraud – an ex-spouse hid assets on the divorce financial disclosure and lied about it when the judge asked;
  • Medical emergency – a spouse who pays child support or alimony is badly injured in a catastrophic accident;
  • Change in child custody – the custodial parent receiving child support relinquishes custody of the minor children.

A request to modify the divorce decree must show significant changes in at least one ex-spouse’s economic position or the children’s living situation. Consult a Suwanee post-divorce disputes attorney to discuss your situation.

Child Support Issues When a Spouse Moves Out of State

Where do you turn if you are the custodial parent, and your ex stops paying child support, but you have moved out of state? Georgia adopted the federal Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) in 2001, codifying the jurisdiction over child custody and support issues and giving the Georgia superior court initial, continuing, exclusive, and temporary emergency jurisdiction.

Even if you and your child move out of Georgia, the new state’s family court does not automatically hear your child custody issues. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 19-9-67, a Georgia court must determine if another court is more appropriate. The court will consider how long the child has lived outside Georgia, the distance between the Georgia court and the new state’s court, how best to help the child if family violence is occurring, parental finances, if parents agree on a jurisdiction, and where best to present evidence. A Suwanee post-divorce disputes attorney can ensure that any issues involving your children are heard expediently in the proper court.

Let a Suwanee Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Help With Your Life Changes

Sometimes, what you agree to during a divorce is unacceptable when your circumstances change. Ex-spouses can lose jobs, fall ill, remarry, move away, and earn more money years later. These life changes can lead to modified or set aside final decrees if they are substantial enough.

There are many reasons why you might have disagreements with an ex-spouse. A Suwanee post-divorce disputes lawyer can intercede and help you determine what steps to take next. Call today to get started.

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