When spouses divorce and have children together who have not yet turned 18, child custody will be one of the biggest issues they must find a solution to. Figuring out which parent will be the primary caregiver and how often the other parent will be allowed to visit are frequently two of the most important discussions that happen in a divorce.

The outcome of these discussions will have a lasting impact on your life, your child’s life, and your future relationship with your children. Working with a Suwanee child custody lawyer could be the best way to ensure your parental rights are protected. Regardless of whether you are working towards an original agreement or looking to modify an existing one, by working with an experienced family lawyer, you can find a solution that makes sense for you and your family.

What Does Legal Child Custody Refer to?

There are two types of child custody that need to be determined in a divorce, legal and physical custody. Legal custody of a child deals with a parent’s rights and ability to make important decisions on their child’s behalf. These decisions include the medical care that the child is to receive, which school they go to, and how prevalent religion will be in the child’s life.

In most divorce cases, the judge will award legal custody to both parents. However, there are some circumstances where a judge may completely strip a parent’s legal custody of their child. A Suwanee child custody lawyer could work to make sure an arrangement that considers the best interests of the child is reached. This is why it is advisable for individual’s to seek the services of a dedicated lawyer.

Determining Where a Child Lives in Suwanee

The other type of child custody is physical custody. This type of custody deals with which parent will be the primary caretaker of the child, post-divorce, and how often the other parent can visit. The primary caretaker would be the custodial parent, while the other is considered the non-custodial parent with assigned parenting time, also known as the parent’s visitation rights.

The professional lives of the parents, their lifestyles, and their ability to provide a positive environment for the child will all be considerations in determining custody. Enforcing and maximizing a parent’s visitation rights are two of the most common issues that a Suwanee child custody attorney deals with.

Call a Suwanee Child Custody Attorney for Help

Obtaining the child custody arrangement that is best for your child’s interests and development can be one of the most important parts of the divorce process. Retaining the skills of a skilled lawyer can help you ensure that your rights and interests are being pursued. Reach out to a Suwanee child custody lawyer for the legal representation you need at this crucial juncture of your life and the life of your children. To learn more, call today to set up a consultation with our intake team.

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