Atlanta, GA Annulment Lawyer

While many people think of divorce when the subject of terminating a marital union is brought up, this is not the only option for dissolving your marriage. An annulment declares the union void and legally ends it. While there are many similarities between the annulment and divorce process, the outcomes and implications are different.

An Atlanta, GA annulment lawyer can help you understand which option is appropriate (or possible) in your situation. Call today and let our compassionate divorce attorneys provide judgment-free, zealous advocacy to help you reclaim your life.

Who Can Get an Annulment?

Under Georgia family law, someone can seek to have the judge annul their marriage if the union is considered void. Situations where a marriage may be invalid include:

  • Marriage between close relatives;
  • Already being married to someone else;
  • Entering the union due to fraud, misrepresentation, or coercion;
  • An inability to consent due to age, impairment, mental illness, or other factors.

If the spouses have children or are expecting a child that is the product of the pairing, an annulment may not be an option. Instead, they may need to try for a divorce.

An annulment lawyer in Atlanta can counsel people on what options are available in their unique situations. Our firm can help you determine the most appropriate action to take and how to do so.

What Happens When You Get an Annulment?

Unlike divorce, when you get an annulment, the marriage does not just end – it is as if it never happened. In other words, you and your spouse are put back in the position (legally speaking) that you were in before the union occurred.

Some people prefer annulment to divorce for religious reasons, while other couples may choose an annulment to avoid the stigma of divorce or to avoid the need to divide marital property. In many situations involving an annulment, the court does not divide property or award spousal support as it does for a divorce.

The process of having a marriage annulled involves many of the same requirements and actions as a divorce proceeding, such as filing a petition with the Georgia family courts. Additionally, to file for an annulment in Georgia, one of the spouses must have resided in the state for a period of six months or more.

An annulment attorney who serves Atlanta and the surrounding areas has a firm grasp of these intricate laws. They can help you bring or dispute a charge to declare your marriage void. Our team can also help ensure your rights are protected from the time you file the complaint to when the judge makes a decision.

Rely on an Annulment Attorney in Atlanta, GA

If your wedding is the product of fraud or a lack of consent, getting an annulment may be in your best interest. It can allow you to set aside the marriage and begin to move forward and build your new life. Because ending a marital union involves essential legal rights, you would benefit from equipping yourself with a skilled team of attorneys.

Our law firm has helped many people end their marriages by getting a divorce or an annulment. We are familiar with the many legal challenges that tend to come up in these cases and have the tools to overcome them. Contact an Atlanta, GA annulment lawyer at our law firm to schedule a consultation.

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