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Whenever an Atlanta resident is no longer capable of making their own decisions regarding their health or wellbeing, guardianship becomes an option. Guardianship is a legal status that allows a third party to make important life decisions on behalf of another adult. This could include things such as deciding where they will live, reviewing their health care and treatment records, and advocating on their behalf when an intervention to the current routine is necessary.

If your loved one is no longer capable of caring for themselves, a guardianship petition might be in their best interest. With the help of a compassionate attorney, you might be able to ensure your loved one gets the care they need. Such a life-altering change should not be made without speaking to an Atlanta uncontested guardianship lawyer about your options. Call today to speak with a qualified member of our firm’s team.

When Guardianships are Uncontested

Multiple parties often have an interest in the outcome of guardianship proceedings. These interested parties are generally the family members of the proposed ward. Sometimes, the proposed ward will also have an opinion on the need for a custodian. Whether or not these parties are all on the same page is important.

If everyone involved agrees that having help with decision-making is the best option, it is considered an uncontested guardianship. This can dramatically reduce the amount of time the process can take, as it removes the need for litigating disputes. This reduction in time is one of the primary benefits of petitioning for an uncontested guardianship vs. a contested one.

How Guardianships Become Contested

There are different reasons why a guardianship proceeding might become contested. One or more persons, including the proposed ward, might disagree that assigning a custodian is the best choice. Additionally, the decision to provide assistance might be unanimous, but there could be objections as to who is appointed to this role.

Not all contested scenarios remain that way. With the help of an Atlanta attorney, it could be possible to reach an agreement that results in these guardianship efforts becoming uncontested.

The Process for Seeking Guardianship in Atlanta

There are a number of critical details that a petitioner must establish before a judge will agree to grant a custodial order. These elements might vary depending on the particular case.

For example, it is often common for two parties to petition Georgia courts on behalf of their loved one. Alternatively, a proposed ward could seek guardianship on their own. However, if only one individual is seeking custodianship on behalf of someone else, some extra steps are required to ensure the best interests of the intended ward are being considered. These could include a statement from a social worker or counselor attesting to the fact that guardianship is necessary.

There are also limitations on who can be awarded guardianship. In addition to being at least 18 years of age, an individual must be free of any conflicts of interest regarding the proposed ward. A seasoned uncontested guardianship attorney in Atlanta could help further explain the requirements, exceptions, and other elements needed to file a successful petition.

Call an Atlanta Uncontested Guardianship Attorney Today

If you are considering the guardianship process for yourself or your loved one for the first time, you might have many questions. Our firm of Atlanta uncontested guardianship lawyers and skilled team members can help you answer them.

Reach out today for a free consultation to learn more about whether this is an option for you.

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