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A marriage can be difficult to maintain, and a couple may decide to live apart and attempt to work out their differences before either reuniting or divorcing. A married couple pursuing legal separation in Milton should consider drafting an agreement to establish their financial responsibilities toward one another. Separation agreements can also address the division of marital property, and child support and child custody.

If you are considering separating from your spouse, you should contact a Milton separation agreements lawyer for advice. A seasoned family law attorney from our team can help you understand your legal rights and options as they pertain to separation, divorce, and all related matters. Much of the emotional strain commonly associated with separating can be alleviated by hiring a knowledgeable lawyer to guide you through the process.

Reasons to File for Separation in Our Area

A married person in our area may file for legal separation if they do not wish to pursue a divorce but would like to protect their rights to financial support, marital property, child custody, and child support while living apart from their spouse. Signing a separation agreement does not mean the marriage is irretrievably broken, rather it establishes financial and child-sharing guidelines that a separated couple must follow.

Separation contracts can be especially useful for married couples who want to live apart but either cannot or do not want to go through the divorce process, or who wish to reconcile their differences. An attorney from our firm can help spouses in Milton draft a separation agreement to address the following issues:

Legally Separating in Milton

A separation contract is only legally valid if the signing parties are in total agreement on all their marital issues relating to alimony, division of marital property, child support, and child custody. If separating couples find it difficult to come to an agreement, enlisting the help of a local lawyer can help them save time and money.

It is common for a married couple in this situation to disagree on one or more issues – such as how custody of their children will be shared – but our team of attorneys can help them engage in meaningful discussion. Participating in mediation or alternative dispute resolution can help couples reach an amicable agreement about the terms of their separation. For this reason, it is best to consult with a skilled lawyer before initiating the legal separation process in our area.

Contact a Milton Separation Agreements Attorney Today

There are many valid reasons to separate from a spouse – whether on a temporary or ongoing basis. A separation agreement can help you and your spouse organize your financial affairs while you live apart and think about whether divorce is something you want. Drafting a valid contract can be challenging without the qualified legal assistance of a Milton separation agreements lawyer from our firm. Get in touch with our intake team today to get the professional guidance you need during this time.

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