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Under the law, you can petition a judge to have your name legally changed. There are numerous reasons you might choose to do so, including the end of a marital relationship. Regardless of your purpose, you will need approval from the Georgia courts.

A Milton name change lawyer can help with this process. From preparing the petition to completing the mandatory notice requirements, the assistance of a dedicated family attorney could be invaluable to your case.

How Is a Name Legally Changed?

The power to legally alter a person’s name is set out in Code of Georgia Annotated § 19-12-1. To begin the process, you will need to first establish your current legal identity. This is generally done by providing the court with some form of identification, like a birth certificate.

To formally begin these efforts, you must file a petition with the family court asking to alter your legal name. This document should spell out the reason why you filed the petition in the first place.

Additionally, there are notice requirements you must comply with. This generally involves providing the local newspaper with the petition within seven days of filing it. The paper must publish the notification regarding your effort to change your name four weeks in a row.

The next step involves submitting proof you provided the public with notice of your petition to the court. If 30 days pass without anyone raising an objection, the court can set a hearing and decide on whether to grant your petition.

Final Decisions Are Made by a Judge

Ultimately, the Georgia courts have the power to accept or reject your request for a name change. While the law allows for a change for any valid reason, a judge is within their power to deny a request without providing legal reasoning to do so.

Despite the potential for rejection, the courts will generally grant these petitions as long as it does not appear to be an effort to commit fraud or hide from creditors. While there is a risk of an arbitrary outcome, having an attorney by your side could help you get the result you are hoping for. A name change lawyer in Milton can advocate for you every step of the way.

Changing the Name of a Minor Child

When it comes to juveniles, a parent may seek to change their last name if a family law judge agrees. Before that can happen, both parents will usually need to consent to the change. There are some exceptions where that consent is not necessary.

Obviously, a single parent can file to change the name of their child when the other parent is deceased. The same is true in situations where the child was abandoned or financial support was not paid in recent years.

This issue can be contentious, and it is best to avoid any attempt to resolve it on your own. An attorney in Milton can provide you with support and guidance with a name change of your minor children.

Talk to a Milton Name Change Attorney Today

There are few things more personal to us than our names, and the decision to change them is rarely made without a lot of thought. You deserve to live your life with the designation you desire. Let a Milton name change lawyer help you understand this process during an initial consultation.

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