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The divorce process in Milton can be long and complicated without the help of a family law attorney. If you want to end your marriage, you should consider retaining an attorney who knows about the process involved with reaching final divorce decree.

A Milton divorce lawyer would be familiar with the varying grounds for dissolving a marriage as well as the ins and outs of the legal process. Whether you need help with filing for divorce, serving documents to your spouse, or responding to divorce papers, one of our dedicated legal advocates can help you compile relevant information and draft agreements if necessary.

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    Grounds for Divorce in Milton

    There are 13 grounds for divorce which may be cited when one spouse files for the dissolution of their marriage. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-5-3 defines the following circumstances as legal grounds for divorce:

    • Adultery after marriage
    • Habitual intoxication
    • Family violence
    • Drug addiction
    • The marriage is irretrievably broken

    How Does the Process of Dissolving a Marriage Begin?

    Marriage dissolution begins when either spouse files a petition which cites their grounds for divorce as well as any marital issues such as property rights, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. After the pleadings are filed, the other spouse is served with a copy of the divorce papers.

    Temporary Hearing

    A local court may determine that a temporary hearing is necessary to discuss a divorcing couple’s marital issues. This hearing addresses the issues of a divorce on a temporary basis, or while the action is pending. For example, the judge may decide who continues to reside in the marital home on an interim basis, who pays spousal and child support and how much, and who is the primary custodial parent of the child(ren) at issue during divorce proceedings.

    The final result of a divorce may not be the same as the result of the temporary hearing. Instead of leaving all matters for the judge to decide, the parties may reach an agreement on some or all of the issues before them. Either way, the temporary order or agreement governs the parties’ actions for the duration of the divorce process.

    What is Discovery in the Context of Divorce?

    Discovery is the process whereby parties request and receive certain information and documents from each other that are relevant to resolving their contested marital issues. For example, a spouse’s work history and income records may indicate their ability or inability to support the other party after litigation. Through the process of discovery, a Milton divorce attorney may compile information to understand both parties’ needs.


    During depositions, a witness would be summoned by an attorney and asked a series of questions that address certain issues in the divorce proceedings. For example, if there is a question about one spouse’s ability to work overtime in relation to claims of adultery, their employer may be deposed regarding the workplace’s policies on overtime.

    Trial or Agreement

    Deciding whether to pursue a final divorce through trial or an agreement depends largely on the relationship between the parties. A divorce lawyer in Milton can help a person take all the steps necessary to reach an informed decision on this matter. Depending on the situation, a trial may involve calling several witnesses and entering evidence to address the cited grounds for divorce and the couple’s contested issues. The presiding judge rules on all contested matters and orders a final divorce decree which the parties must abide by.

    As a means of avoiding trial, an attorney may draft and present a proposed agreement which addresses all the marital issues to the other party. If the parties reach an agreement, it would be submitted for court approval at the final hearing.

    Seek Help from a Milton Divorce Attorney Today

    The effects of a final divorce decree can be long-lasting and far-reaching, regardless of whether the outcome is reached by trial or agreement. Every aspect of your life can be affected, so let a Milton divorce lawyer help you gain control over your future. Call our intake team today to learn more about this complex legal process from a professional.

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