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There are many legal requirements associated with adopting a child in our area. Prospective parents must meet the State’s qualifications and demonstrate that the child is eligible for adoption.

A seasoned Milton adoption lawyer from our team can help you enroll in the necessary training programs and take the necessary steps to demonstrate the termination of biological parental rights. Let one of our experienced family law attorneys help you navigate this complex legal process.

Determining a Prospective Parent’s Eligibility for Adoption

Whether or not a parent is eligible to adopt a child in Milton depends on a combination of legal qualifications and state agency requirements. For example, Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-8-3 says that you must be at least 25 years old to adopt a child, and married couples may petition the court to become adoptive parents regardless of age.

Even if you are eligible to adopt under these criteria, you must still prove your overall fitness as a parent. The first step to is to enroll in and complete the State’s IMPACT program, which is an orientation to the adoption process and parenting as a whole. The Department of Human Services (DHS) will also conduct an interview and home visit to determine whether you are able to properly care for a child.

What Rights Do Biological Parents Retain over the Child?

Even if you meet all the State’s requirements to adopt a child, you may still face legal resistance if the child’s biological parents still retain their parental rights. There are two ways a biological parent may lose their rights over a child.

The first is through a voluntary surrender. O.C.G.A. §19-8-4 allows parents to surrender their parental rights to the DHS or similar adoption agencies in another state. Once a parent completes this process, they have four days to revoke the surrender. A local adoption attorney can help you identify whether the child’s biological parents have surrendered their parental rights.

The other way to sever a parental relationship is through involuntary revocation. When the State determines that a parent is a threat to their child’s health and safety due to drug addiction, a history of domestic violence, or criminal convictions, it has the jurisdiction to revoke their parenting rights to protect the child’s best interests. A member of our team can help investigate whether a parent has involuntarily lost their parental rights.

Let a Milton Adoption Attorney Take on Your Case

Once a family or individual makes the decision to adopt a child, there is a strict legal procedure they must follow. This legal process helps ensure that the child is eligible for adoption and determine whether a prospective parent is fit to take care of a child.

A skilled Milton adoption lawyer can help research the child’s history and whether their biological parents have surrendered their rights. We can also guide you through required training programs and other vetting procedures to satisfy state requirements. Contact us today to get started on your case.

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