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One of the most common issues of contention between separating parents is questions of child visitation. When one parent has primary custody of their shared child, the other has the right to seek visitation. They can enforce those rights with the help of a trusted family attorney.

When you are in the process of negotiating or drafting a custody and visitation plan, you deserve legal counsel that will advocate on behalf of you and your family’s best interests. Let a Milton visitation lawyer review your situation and determine the best way to move forward.

The Structure of Visitation Orders

The specifics of visitation can vary significantly from one case to another. A Milton visitation attorney can help you understand the options that are available.

Visitation is either supervised or unsupervised. The vast majority of visitation with a minor child is not supervised, which means the parent is free to spend time with their children on their own terms. However, Georgia courts have the power to order a third party to supervise these visits when the judge is concerned that a parent might jeopardize the safety of the child.

Supervised visitation can be a short- or long-term solution. Over time, the judge could roll back these requirements if they are certain the parent poses no threat.

Modifying the Visitation Schedule

While the visitation order entered by the family court is binding, it might not be the final word when it comes to your visitation rights as a parent. Judges retain the right to modify a visitation order in the future.

There are different thresholds when it comes to determining if the court should modify visitation. Like with custody issues, it can take a material change in circumstances for the judge to agree to alter the terms of a visitation agreement. A material change in circumstances could be anything from the loss of a job or the development of a serious illness.

There are also times when Georgia courts might agree to reconsider a visitation ruling even though there has been no material change in circumstances. This is only possible in cases where it has been two or more years since the last time a visitation order was entered.

Any time the judge considers amending a visitation order, they must do so with the child’s best interest in mind. While parents have the right to seek more time with their children, the parent’s desires come secondary to what is best for the child. Our Milton attorneys can help parents better understand the process and requirements for modifying a parenting plan.

Work With a Milton Visitation Attorney Today

Disputes over visitation can be frustrating for both parents, given that the court can ignore their wishes in favor of what is best for the child. Working with a seasoned legal team helps you protect your rights as a parent while preserving what is best for your family. Contact a Milton visitation lawyer from our firm right away to learn more.

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