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Divorce has a reputation for being drawn-out and contentious, but with the right help in place, a legal separation does not have to become a battle. Through the process of mediation, many couples are able to reach an amicable agreement in their divorce.

Mediation involves both sides meeting with a neutral party to help facilitate a fair settlement. You are entitled to have a dedicated family attorney by your side throughout the process, and there is no binding outcome. Let a Milton mediation lawyer advise you on how to get the most out of this process.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is the use of a neutral third party—known as the mediator—to reach an agreement during a conflict. As a form of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is not a trial and does not take place in family court. Instead, these meetings occur outside of the bounds of the courtroom, typically at the office of the mediator. A mediation can be short, or it can take hours. During the process, both sides and their Milton mediation attorneys speak with the mediator to outline their conflicts.

The role of the mediator is simple: they are there to help both sides come to an agreement. This can involve everyone at a table together, or the mediator going from one party to the other with offers and counter offers.

The mediator does not decide the case, render a judgment, or have any authority to force the parties to do anything. It is possible that both sides may fail to come to an agreement and leave mediation without a resolution to their divorce. However, this process often results in a negotiated settlement—even in cases where that initially seemed impossible.

Why Is Mediation Worth It?

Mediation might sound like an unconventional option in a divorce case, but you might be surprised at how common it is. Each year, many divorcing couples are able to amicably resolve their divorce with the help of a Milton mediation attorney.

There are several benefits for taking this route instead of opting for costly litigation:

  • Less expensive;
  • Saves time;
  • Maintains privacy.

Mediation is a viable option for anyone that wants to keep their private matters out of the public. Divorce cases that go to trial are generally heard in open court. This means the disputes between partners (as well as the extent of the marital assets) can all become part of the public record. Mediation is private, allowing for the resolution of a divorce case without the need for either party to jeopardize their privacy.

Ultimately, both sides must come to an agreement for mediation to be worthwhile. This is true whether mediation is ordered by Georgia courts or entered into by each party voluntarily. The right attorney can help divorcing spouses maximize their chance of resolving a divorce amicably through the mediation process.

Reach Out to a Milton Mediation Attorney Today

Mediation is a useful tool for many spouses going through a divorce. Often, this process can resolve contentious issues that once seemed impossible to overcome. In addition, it can save time, money and reduce stress.

Ready to resolve divorce disputes and put the past behind you? Reach out to a Milton mediation lawyer today to learn more about your options.

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