Alpharetta Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Mediation is a mandatory negotiation process between divorcing spouses and requires the assistance of a neutral mediator. Couples must mediate their marital issues before a final hearing or trial can take place. The mediator is not authorized to impose any decisions, as the parties to a mediation must decide whether and how to settle their issues.

During Alpharetta divorce mediation, an experienced lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and offer guidance throughout the process. Our team can also assist with selecting the best mediator for your particular circumstances. Let us help you achieve the most favorable outcome without a lengthy and costly trial.

What Documents Should You Bring to Divorce Mediation in Alpharetta?

State law requires both parties to a divorce to complete a Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit (DRFA) that details all income and expenses. You will need to bring a completed DFRA to mediation.

Financial documents are also necessary to verify the statements included in each party’s DRFAs. These documents should be up-to-date financial records and detail any earnings, bank accounts, stock funds, 401Ks, pension, and credit cards.

Additionally, you should bring the latest fair market value estimates of any properties and vehicles shared between you and your ex. A local attorney can help you prepare and gather the necessary documentation to proceed with divorce mediation.

Benefits of Mediating before Divorce

Mediation is a collaborative approach to amicably settling issues between divorcing spouses. You should come to mediation ready to listen to your ex’s perspective, because you may be able to find creative solutions to your marital issues with an attorney’s assistance. When divorce mediation leads to arguing, negotiation and joint resolutions become more difficult.

Mediation will continue until a resolution is reached or until the mediator concludes that the parties have reached an impasse. Some divorce cases require multiple mediation sessions to settle. Therefore, a divorcing party should not become discouraged by multiple mediation sessions.

A competent lawyer can provide more insight on the process of mediating your marital issues as part of a divorce. A member of our legal team can even push for a mediator who they believe will effectively mediate your case.

Confidentiality Agreements

Every party to mediation must accept in writing that the session is confidential and acknowledge they will not repeat anything they hear or see during the negotiation process. Exceptions to confidentiality include any threats of violence and suspected child abuse.

Mediation typically begins with a joint meeting attended by both parties and their attorneys. To ensure confidentiality, friends and family members are not permitted to participate in negotiations. A knowledgeable lawyer could advise you on how to draft confidentiality agreements in accordance with the Alpharetta divorce mediation process.

Contact an Alpharetta Divorce Mediation Attorney Today

Litigation is a notoriously lengthy and expensive process. Placing your financial security and property rights in the hands of a judge could result in an unfavorable outcome. Fortunately, mediation provides a faster, cost-effective, and more collaborative approach to resolving your marital matters.

A mediator cannot provide any legal or financial advice to either party during Alpharetta divorce mediation. However, a well-versed lawyer can help you understand and assert your legal rights in preparation for mediation. Call our intake team today to discuss your case.

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