Preparing for Divorce in Alpharetta 

Estranged spouses may feel anxious, overwhelmed, and distressed during the divorce process. It is important for someone getting divorced to prioritize taking steps to protect themselves and their family from negative, long-term consequences.

There are steps you can take while preparing for divorce in Alpharetta to facilitate a smooth process, such as staying organized, maintaining records, and consulting with a lawyer. An experienced divorce attorney can prepare your divorce papers, assist with drafting custody plans, and defend your property rights in court.

Protecting Sensitive Information

You will need to gather records of essential information such as financial, insurance, and personal documents. If you suspect that your spouse may attempt to conceal or alter records, you should privatize your personal files on any shared computers, alter passwords on any shared accounts, and open new accounts if necessary.

Aside from electronic information, you may want to forward any mail that includes sensitive information to a Post Office box or a loved one’s address. A qualified attorney can advise you on how to get ready for divorce in our area.

Gathering Important Documents

Documents are essential to completing the divorce process in both contested and uncontested cases. For instance, financial records help the judge distribute assets and debts or award alimony to one spouse.

Some crucial documents you should collect to support your case include:

  • Tax returns;
  • Recent pay stubs for both spouses;
  • Bank statements for individually and jointly held accounts;
  • Statements for investment accounts;
  • Personal identification documents such as passports, social security cards, driver’s license, and healthcare identification cards;
  • Records indicating monthly child care costs, medical bills, and travel expenses;
  • School schedules;
  • Life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, and health insurance policies;
  • Criminal records;
  • Wills and trusts;
  • Family violence reports; and
  • Any active or past restraining orders.

Well-prepared documentation can help an attorney establish your entitlement to your share of the marital estate. Let a member of our team assist you with organizing and reviewing essential documents in preparation for your divorce case.

Informing the Other Party

It can be difficult to inform an unsuspecting spouse that their marriage will end in divorce. There are some steps you can take to navigate this discussion, such as:

  • Selecting an appropriate time and location in consideration of your spouse’s feelings and potential reaction;
  • Being prepared to listen to your spouse’s concerns;
  • Remaining firm in your decision to begin divorce proceedings; and
  • Having a plan of escape if there’s a threat of violence.

This initial discussion could set the tone for the entire divorce process. A diligent Alpharetta attorney can help you prepare for divorce by managing communications between you and your ex.

Ask an Attorney about Preparing for Divorce in Alpharetta

Divorce can have a lasting impact on you and your family’s future. You can improve your likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome by retaining seasoned legal counsel.

Let our skilled legal team assist you with preparing for divorce in Alpharetta. Get in touch with our intake team to learn more about your legal rights in an initial consultation.

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