Divorce for Men in Alpharetta

Men sometimes enter divorce proceedings with a defeatist attitude. The idea persists that the law favors women and that a divorced man will suffer economically and struggle to maintain a relationship with his children. In fact, the law is gender-neutral and has been for years.

You have a right to a fair share of your marital property and need not pay alimony unless your spouse can demonstrate a need and you can afford it. If your spouse is the wealthier partner, you might be entitled to alimony. Best of all, the law explicitly recognizes that children benefit from close relationships with both parents and favors splitting custody as equally as possible.

None of this means divorce for men in Alpharetta is easy, but it does not have to be unfair. A skilled local divorce attorney from our firm can ensure you have the means to support your new lifestyle as a single person and the opportunity to remain a committed and involved father.

Equitable Distribution Does Not Mean 50/50

Men who have been the sole or primary breadwinners in a marriage often resent it when their spouse walks away with half of their marital assets. If the spouse also gets alimony, it could feel like your sole purpose is to earn to support her lifestyle.

Family law requires a couple to split their marital property equitably. If the judge must decide, they will consider factors like the:

  • Length of the marriage;
  • Health and age of each spouse;
  • Contributions each spouse made to the household;
  • Educational or career sacrifices one spouse made to support the other;
  • Capacity of each spouse to support themselves;
  • Value of each spouse’s separate property.

This is an incomplete list; the judge could consider anything they think is relevant to the property division decision.

Sometimes an equitable distribution is close to 50/50, but for some couples, a fair split is more like 70/30. Your specific circumstances determine what is fair. During a divorce proceeding, your Alpharetta attorney will present evidence to persuade the judge that your preferred distribution is most fair.

Divorce Law Recognizes Fathers’ Rights

When a man decides to file for divorce in Alpharetta, all decisions regarding children must support the children’s best interests. The parents’ well-being and preferences are secondary. Parents are expected to put their desires aside if they conflict with their children’s interests.

The Official Code of Georgia § 19-9-3(a)(3) describes the factors the judge can consider when deciding where the children will live and who has decision-making authority. They include the children’s health and educational needs, the relationship each parent has with the children, each parent’s emotional, physical, and financial ability to meet the children’s needs, and similar factors.

If you have been an involved parent and your schedule allows active parenting after the divorce, a shared custody arrangement is likely if you want that. You could be the primary residential parent if circumstances indicate that arrangement would be in the children’s best interests. Our attorneys can help you develop a workable parenting plan that preserves your close relationship with your children and present it to the judge.

Maintain Control by Negotiating a Settlement

One of the difficult aspects of divorce for many Alpharetta men is the feeling of not being in control of the situation and exposing deeply personal aspects of your life to others’ judgment. You can retain control and spare yourself from others’ opinions by negotiating a divorce settlement.

Many couples settle their divorce before they file court papers. You and your spouse could work together, through your attorneys, or use a mediator to develop written agreements on all the relevant issues. Your attorney would submit the agreements and the petition for divorce to the court, and you could have a final decree within weeks.

When one spouse files for divorce before the couple agrees on all issues, the couple has a contested divorce. Divorce procedures in Fulton County give you multiple opportunities to settle before your divorce is set for trial and the judge decides for you. Being willing to compromise so you and your spouse can settle your divorce outside of court allows you more control over the outcome. It is also faster and less expensive than taking a divorce to trial.

Contact an Alpharetta Attorney for Help in Male Specific Divorce Matters

Divorce is difficult under any circumstances. But the law allows you to be an involved father after a divorce, and the equitable distribution laws allow you to keep a fair share of your property.

A local lawyer who handles divorce for men in Alpharetta can assist you in every aspect of your divorce. Reach out now to get started.

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