Divorce for Men in Suwanee

As a man, it is important to know that you have the same rights as your spouse when it comes to a divorce. While there has long been a misconception that the wife is favored in disputes over child custody or property division, that is not the case. A dedicated divorce attorney from our firm can help you protect yourself and secure a fair outcome.

If you have questions about divorce for men in Suwanee, now is the time to get answers. Protecting your legal rights starts with understanding what you are up against. The right lawyer can advise you of your legal options.

Is Divorce Court Biased Against Men?

Although there is a long-running belief that women are likely to get the better end of the deal during divorce proceedings, the law does not discriminate on the basis of gender. This does not mean you are guaranteed a favorable outcome. Judges are not obligated to split assets evenly, meaning you could walk away with less than your former spouse.

When it comes time to divide marital property, Georgia courts rely on a standard known as equitable distribution. Under this approach, the goal is to come to a fair division of assets even if that means one person walks away with more than the other.

It is worth noting that the family court only has the power to distribute property that is shared by the spouses. Individual assets—which are things one spouse has full ownership of—remain in the hands of that person. Of course, one of the major disputes in these cases is determining if something is jointly owned or not.

Paternity Rights

For fathers, the most important issue in a Suwanee divorce case involves their parental rights. As is the case with property division, there is a feeling among many people that mothers are at an advantage in custody disputes. The law does not recognize any kind of bias for the mother, however.

Instead, family law judges are instructed to make these decisions based on what is best for the child. They can take into account many different factors, including the financial circumstances of the parents, the wishes of the child, and any history of abuse. The judge has substantial leeway in reaching these conclusions, which makes it vital to have an advocate at these hearings.

Understanding Alimony

During the divorce process, some Suwanee men face the potential of paying alimony. Others might be entitled to these payments from their spouse. Also known as spousal support, these payments are made from one spouse to another to ensure financial stability for all parties involved.

Support payments can begin during the divorce process. There are limitations on who can receive these payments and how long they will last, but it is important to make the strongest case possible. Once an order is issued in favor of alimony, it could remain in place for years to come. Having a lawyer evaluate your finances and argue on your behalf can get you the best outcome available.

Talk to a Lawyer in Suwanee About Divorce for Men

If you are facing the breakdown of your marriage, it could be time to speak to legal counsel. You have rights, but they must be enforced during the process. The good news is that you do not have to do this alone. Call the Atlanta Divorce Law Group right away for a private consultation.

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