The Best Interests of the Child in Alpharetta Custody Agreements

Most parents want what is best for their children, however, they may not agree about what that is. Divorce courts in Georgia understand this and therefore use the best interests of the child as a crucial consideration in Alpharetta custody agreements.

A dedicated team of custody attorneys can work with you to make sure that your child’s wellbeing is at the center of your custody agreement. By working with an experienced firm, you can have the resources available to help your family move forward following a divorce.

Who Is Involved in a Custody Agreement?

In a custody agreement, there is traditionally a custodial and non-custodial parent. However, the term custodial parent is not used often in Alpharetta, because most parents have joint legal custody, which means neither is doing the majority of the parenting. For this reason, the term non-custodial parent is also not common in Alpharetta.

The trend is now to use the word primary physical custodian and secondary physical custodian. The primary physical custodian will be the parent with whom the children primarily reside while the secondary primary custodian will have visitation rights. An attorney can explain how parenting time is determined in Alpharetta.

Determining the Best Interests of the Child

In a divorce, several matters should be considered when determining the best interests of the children. One consideration is making sure that the children have sufficient time with both parents. Studies have shown that after divorce, it is important for children to maintain strong relationships with both parents. This is primarily addressed in the parenting schedule.

When determining parenting time, it is also important to consider practical issues such as what school district they are going to use and which parent will live closer to that school district. The parents’ employment situations are also critical in determining the best interests of the children. If one parent travels or works long hours, it may be in the best interests of the child to have the other make final decisions regarding the education, health, extracurricular activities, and religion of the child.

Other essential considerations are the age of the child and whether they have any special needs. A child with special needs might need more consistency and to spend more time with a parent who has more time and works less to dedicate time to the child. An attorney in Alpharetta can examine the specific circumstances to help determine what may be in the best interests of the child.

Protecting the Children

One of the best ways for parents to make sure they are acting in the best interests of the children in custody arrangements is to keep any conflict away from them. Any time children are exposed to conflicts between their parents, they will suffer. Many parents do not even realize they are saying anything negative to a child about the other parent. Even if it is true, it still is harmful to the child.

It is also important to keep an eye on the child’s behavior. If they are starting to act out or if their grades are dropping, parents should be proactive in getting the child the help they need. Attorneys can give parent resources that could help them work with counselors to keep the children out of the conflict and work with a child who is struggling.

Learn More about the Best Interests of Children in Alpharetta Child Custody Agreements

When creating a custody plan, the best interests of the child is the most important consideration. Most of the time this means allowing each parent to be in their children’s lives as much as possible. However, depending on the specific circumstances, other arrangements may better benefit the children.

A compassionate attorney from our firm can analyze the specific facts of your case and help you find an arrangement that works for your family. Further, a lawyer can answer any questions about the best interests of the child in Alpharetta child custody agreements. Call today to get started.

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