Qualifying for SS Disability in Gwinnett

If you are living with a debilitating or life-threatening disability, you might be entitled to compensation through Social Security (SS) disability benefits. Also known as SSD, these benefits are only an option for blind or disabled individuals with a qualifying work history or who fall below the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) income threshold. If you believe you are entitled to these benefits, a seasoned attorney can advise you on qualifying for SS disability in Gwinnett.

What Constitutes a Disability According to the SSA?

Depending on which disability benefit program you are applying for, the first step in qualifying for SS disability benefits in Gwinnett County is proving blindness or meeting the SSA’s definition of disabled. According to the SSA, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are only available to individuals who can show that they are blind or disabled and living with limited income. On the other hand, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are for individuals who can longer work due to a disabling condition.

A qualifying condition could be physical or mental in nature and must either be long-lasting or expected to result in death. There is an extensive list of disabilities covered by the SSA, referred to as the “blue book.” If you suffer from blindness or one of the conditions listed in the blue book, you are automatically considered disabled by the SSA. However, this list is not comprehensive, meaning it is possible to receive benefits for a condition that is not listed – especially if the effects are closely related to a condition in the blue book.

Examples of conditions that could lead to an award of SS disability benefits include:

Even if the disability greatly reduces your ability to earn a living, being able to work at any degree could result in a reduction in benefits. At a certain level of monthly income, benefits will be denied entirely.

Other Qualifications for SSD Benefits

In addition to being disabled, a claimant must also meet the work history requirement to receive SSDI benefits, because this type of SS disability benefit is funded through Social Security income taxes. Individuals who became disabled at a young age or before entering the workforce would require fewer work credits in order to qualify.

Otherwise, for SSI benefits, you must prove that, in addition to being blind or disabled, you fall below the SSA’s income threshold. This type of SS disability benefits is only awarded to individuals who are unable to make ends meet due to blindness or another disability. It is advisable to ask a Gwinnett lawyer about whether your disability and circumstances would qualify you for SSD benefits from the SSA.

Talk to a Gwinnett County Attorney about Qualifying for SS Disability

If you still have questions about qualifying for SS disability in Gwinnett, our team is available to offer answers and help you understand whether you qualify for disability benefits.

Even if you do technically qualify, the claims process is never guaranteed to go smoothly, and you are likely to receive one or more denials. You could strengthen your chances of success by relying on a seasoned Social Security disability law firm. Call right away to learn more.

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