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Working is a significant part of life, and most people are proud of the work they do on a daily basis. Unfortunately, illnesses and injury can prevent a person from returning to work and earning a steady income.

When this occurs, many injured or ill workers must rely on Social Security disability income benefits to get by. Workers pay into the federal Social Security system over the course of their careers, and if they become disabled or reach the age of 65, they can recover the benefits they paid to the government. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits can be difficult, and in some cases, it may be necessary to work with a Gwinnett SSDI lawyer. One of our diligent disability representatives can help you file a successful claim for benefits or appeal a denial if necessary.

Reasons for an SSDI Denial

A considerable number of SSDI applications will be denied by the government for a variety of reasons, some of which may not necessarily make sense. Some examples of reasons why SSDI benefits may be denied include:

Felons will automatically be denied benefits, as will applicants whose health condition is a result of drug or alcohol abuse. If a person provides false information on an application, not only will their application be denied, but they may also be prosecuted by the government. Fortunately, if a person is denied benefits and they do not agree with the decision, they have a right to file an appeal for benefits.

Consulting a Lawyer after a Denial

When a person needs the SSDI benefits they have worked long and hard for, nothing is more discouraging than receiving a denial letter from the government. This can be remarkably frustrating, but it is important to remember that it is possible to fight back and obtain benefits. Doing this alone can be difficult, but by working with an experienced Gwinnett County SSDI attorney, an applicant can even the playing field and improve their chances of winning. A disability claims lawyer can help in the following ways:

Four Levels of Appeal

SSDI applicants do have a right to file an appeal in wake of a denial. There are generally four levels of an appeal, meaning applicants will have a total of four times to appeal. The lowest level is a reconsideration and the highest is a federal court review. Applicants must file their appeals in a timely manner or they risk losing their right to appeal.

Reach Out to a Gwinnett County SSDI Attorney Today

It is important to understand SSDI is a right, especially if you have worked long enough to pay into the system. If you have been denied SSDI, there may be a way to appeal the decision and obtain the benefits you need. Reach out to a Gwinnett SSDI lawyer if you are struggling with a claim. A Social Security advocate for the disabled can speak with you to develop a plan to get the benefits you need.

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