Physical Child Custody in Suwanee

Physical custody refers to the legal rights of a parent to determine where their child lives and who they spend time with. These rights can be shared among co-parents, or they may be granted to one parent alone. In any case, these decisions are important, as they can greatly impact your future relationship with your child.

If you have questions about physical child custody in Suwanee, our firm has the answers you need. Having a strong advocate by your side can improve your chances of success. Let a dedicated child custody attorney advocate for you throughout these family court proceedings.

Understanding Parental Rights

When a parent is awarded physical custody in Suwanee, they are entitled to schedule time a child will spend with themselves and other people. This involves determining the child’s primary place of residence. Typically, children live with the parent who holds these rights.

It is worth noting that parenting time is often shared through something known as joint custody. Unlike when one parent has the final say on these issues, individuals who share these rights often split their time with the child.

Parenting plans can encompass a wide range of agreements. For example, in some situations, a child will travel back and forth between the homes of their parents. In other “bird nesting” situations, the child might stay in the same home while the parents move in and out on a regular basis.

There is no presumption under the law regarding physical custody. It is up to the judge to determine which outcome is best for a minor child. However, judges will typically award shared parental rights as long as it is in the children’s best interests.

Other Types of Parental Rights

Legal custody awards a guardian the ability to make vital decisions on a child’s behalf. This includes everything from their religious upbringing to medical decisions. It is not unusual for judges to make a joint award of legal rights even when granting sole physical custody to one parent.

How Is Physical Custody Determined?

Custody matters are always decided using the same standard, which is the child’s best interest. The judge might consider the wishes of each interested party, but ultimately, the court prioritizes the child’s health and safety above all else.

When making decisions about who gets physical custody of a child, a family law judge in Suwanee will take into account various factors. They must weigh each of these things before reaching a decision that is based on providing the best possible living situation for the minor. Some of the issues that are considered include the following:

  • Any history of abuse;
  • Any history of neglect;
  • The health of all parties;
  • The suitability of a potential home;
  • The relationship between all parties;
  • The financial resources of each party; and
  • The wishes of the child, depending on their age.

While these decisions are considered final, it is possible to petition the court to amend the order and get a custody modification.

Contact a Suwanee Attorney About Physical Child Custody

There are few decisions that will impact your relationship with your child more than a court order determining where they will live. You deserve to be heard during this process, and skilled legal counsel can be your voice in the courtroom.

Reach out right away for a private consultation to discuss your options regarding physical child custody in Suwanee.

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