Common Custody Issues in Suwanee

There are countless conflicts and issues that can pop up when it comes to the custody of a minor child. Even after a divorce has been finalized, disputes can occur over everything from compliance with the parenting plan to a parent’s access to information regarding their child.

Luckily, you never have to face these common custody issues in Suwanee on your own. When you rely on the guidance of a skilled child custody attorney, you get the support necessary to make the right decisions and address every challenge along the way.

Paternity and Legitimation

One of the first issues that might arise is the formal acknowledgment of a father’s rights and responsibilities as a parent. This is accomplished through two processes: establishing paternity and legitimation.

When a parent, guardian, or other interested party establishes the paternity of a minor child, it means the state recognizes the biological father’s identity. This step is also where the obligations of being a parent are solidified.

Legitimation is an additional step that allows the father to seek parental rights, including custody. A local Suwanee attorney can help fathers through this process so that they may gain an advantage in common custody disputes.

Failure To Comply With a Custody Order

One of the most common issues that can come up between co-parents is the failure of one or both parties to comply with the court-ordered parenting plan. Whether there was a divorce or a separate child custody hearing, the family court will issue a court order determining the specifics of custody, visitation, and child support.

Unfortunately, not everyone will comply with these terms. Sometimes, a parent will mistakenly fail to adhere to the visitation schedule or be late in picking a child up for their parenting time. In other cases, the violation of these terms may be intentional. Either way, a Suwanee lawyer might be able to collect evidence and help resolve these common custody issues.

Allegations of Abuse or Neglect

Parents have an obligation to provide a safe home environment for their children. If they fail to do so, the courts could order changes to the parenting agreement. Depending on whether these allegations of abuse are substantiated, this could involve the modification of child custody terms or even the total loss of parental rights.

Few issues are more traumatic than allegations of abuse or neglect. Fortunately, our Suwanee firm has extensive experience with common custody issues and can help potential guardians build a case to prove or dispute such claims.

Relocation Requests

One of the most contentious issues that can arise between co-parents is the prospect of relocating with the minor child in tow. It goes without saying that moving a child far away from the non-custodial parent can dramatically impact their rights. It can also have a harmful impact on their chances of building a meaningful relationship with their children.

Not all relocations are the same. For example, the courts are unlikely to intervene when a parent moves houses within the same city or county. However, long-distance relocation requires court approval, especially moving out of state.

As with all issues involving a minor child, the judge will first consider what is best for the juvenile. They are also required to consider other factors, like the reason for relocation and the opportunity the non-custodial parent will have to build a relationship with the child. Whether you want to prevent your child from moving away or want to move yourself, it is beneficial to partner with an experienced Suwanee attorney who can handle common child custody issues like these.

Call a Suwanee Attorney Today To Discuss Common Custody Issues

While these disputes can be frustrating, having the right legal counsel advocating on your behalf can help you resolve them without costly litigation. If you have questions about these common custody issues in Suwanee, call our firm today for a confidential consultation.

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