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Effective co-parenting is important for the well-being of children. Balance is important to ensure that each parent can get the time they are entitled to have with their kids. But if one parent does not follow through with their court-ordered visitation schedule, that co-parenting relationship gets damaged to the detriment of the other parent and their children. If your child’s other parent is preventing you from visitation, you will most likely need to take them back to family court for an enforcement order.

Whether you are beginning to establish a visitation schedule or need help modifying or enforcing one, our experienced family attorneys can help. Rely on a Sandy Springs visitation lawyer from our firm to guide you through the process and advocate for your rights so that you get the time with your kids that you deserve.

Georgia Custody and Visitation Laws

Child custody orders determine each parent’s rights and responsibilities in raising their children. Physical custody refers to where your child lives. Legal custody refers to your right to make decisions regarding your child’s well-being, such as for their education, healthcare, and religious affiliations.

If one parent has primary physical custody, the other parent is generally given visitation time with their kids. A specific visitation schedule is typically set as part of the custody order, which specifies the days, times, and locations of visits between children and their non-custodial parent. A custodial parent cannot deny the other parent’s visitation except in very specific circumstances where parenting time could be dangerous for the child.

If your co-parent is habitually not allowing you to visit with your kids or is not returning your children on time after they have visitation, you can file a contempt of court action. If a parent is found in contempt for violating the terms of a visitation order, they may be ordered to:

  • Give you additional time with your children to make up for the time that was lost by the withheld visits;
  • Pay your court and visitation lawyer fees;
  • Take parenting classes;
  • In extreme or repeated cases of visitation violations, criminal penalties of fines and even jail time.

Working with a dedicated visitation attorney in Sandy Springs means having a better understanding of your options and responsibilities, as well as having an advocate in your corner if disputes arise.

Modifying a Visitation Order

If the visitation schedule you have in place is no longer working for you, you can petition for a visitation modification. Most changes in custody agreements are not valid unless modified and authorized by the Georgia family courts.

To request a modification, you will need to first file a petition. This is considered a “new” custody hearing and not a continuation of any previous custody trials. You can request a modification on the grounds that material changes in circumstances necessitate the adjustment, or once every two years, you can request a modification without having to prove material changes.

Additionally, a Georgia family court judge may impose changes to a custody order if one of the parents has been withholding visitation from the other. A Sandy Springs custody and visitation attorney can help you through the process of modifying an existing schedule.

Work With a Sandy Springs Visitation Attorney

If your co-parent is not following a visitation order, your current order is no longer manageable, or you need help establishing a visitation schedule, having qualified legal counsel on your side can help ensure you approach any of these scenarios as effectively as possible. A Sandy Springs visitation lawyer can be your ally through the process. Call the Atlanta Divorce Law Group to begin working with a trusted team member.

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