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In the state of Georgia, both parents have a financial obligation to support their child. This applies whether the parents are married, divorced, or if they were never in a relationship at the outset.

There are many factors that may be taken into consideration when determining how much child support one parent should receive. If you are a parent receiving minimal support from the other parent, or if you feel that you are paying more than you can handle to the other parent, you may need help from a team of Sandy Springs child support lawyers.

Our seasoned family attorneys could help you understand what your rights or obligations are regarding child support. We could provide zealous representation and work to ensure that a judge makes a fair decision based on an accurate understanding of your financial circumstances.

Understanding Child Support in Sandy Springs

The appropriate amount of child support in any given situation in Sandy Springs is determined by the Georgia Child Support Guidelines and can be further explained by a qualified attorney. These guidelines center around an “income shares” approach where the full spectrum of both parents’ income is scrutinized to determine the amount of child support the non-custodial parent should pay to the custodial parent.

In practice, this means that everything from a parent’s salary to monetary gifts might be summed together to determine what the parent could afford to pay—or needs to be paid—in support. Other factors, such as the child’s health or any special needs, may also be taken into consideration. Individuals may require the help of an attorney to manage these payments and considerations effectively.

The court’s primary goal is to make sure that the child’s lifestyle is restored—at least financially—to the way it was before their parents divorced. If the parents were never married, the court may try to make sure the child is provided for as if the parents were married.

Modification of Child Support

When it comes to child support, circumstances could sometimes change without warning. Whether such a change in a party’s financial situation is for the better or for the worse, their child support payments may nonetheless need to be modified.

After an order for child support is finalized, a modification may be made only at the behest of the court. There are several factors that are taken into consideration before the court would order a child support modification—primarily, whether there is a substantial enough change in income to warrant the change in the child support.

The court may also modify child support if a child falls seriously ill, especially if the custodial parent can no longer work because they must devote all of their time to caring for the sick child. Finally, the court could approve a modification if the parents agree on a different rate independent of court involvement. A team of child support lawyers from Sandy Springs could help effectuate a positive outcome in any of these situations.

Reach Out to a Sandy Spring Child Support Attorney Today

When parents fail to meet their child support obligations, it can result in dire consequences such as wage garnishment and, in extreme circumstances, jail time. Do not let yourself fall victim to circumstance. Our legal team could assist you in court to strike the right balance between supporting your child and supporting yourself.

Whether you are the parent who receives child support payments or the parent making the payments, our qualified attorneys know how to work towards the best possible resolution to your case. Reach out to our intake team today to learn more about how a skilled Sandy Springs child support lawyer could help you pursue the outcome that you and your family deserve.

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