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The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program provides monetary benefits and Medicaid to blind or disabled people who need assistance to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, and other essentials. This supplemental income and healthcare aid can be vital to individuals and families with limited means of income.

However, applicants who seek SSI benefits for a disability are often met with rejection from the Social Security Administration (SSA). In many cases, a denial is not due to a claimant’s lack of eligibility but rather the result of inadequate evidence to prove that they qualify for disability compensation.

Whether you are just starting the application process or are trying to appeal a denial, a Milton SSI lawyer can lend their assistance. A Social Security disability law firm that is experienced in SSI claims can work to ensure your eligibility is thoroughly documented and help you receive the benefits you need.

Applying for SSI

Residents of Milton can apply for the for the SSI program in person at a local SSA office, over the phone, or online. Advance appointments are recommended but they will accept walk-ins.

A Milton SSI attorney can assist with gathering information for the application process and submit a claim in the applicant’s preferred method. We can also find evidence to support an application that has already been submitted and denied by the SSA.

Eligibility for SSI

To receive SSI benefits, claimants must demonstrate that they meet the proper qualifications. The requirements for SSI eligibility include:

For many, the most challenging aspects of demonstrating eligibility involve proving that an applicant’s income and resources are below the limit for benefits and that they suffer from a long-term disability which meets the agency’s requirements.

What Are the Financial Qualifications for SSI in Milton?

Applicants must show they lack both income and resources in order to receive SSI benefits. Income is the money earned from work as well as other sources such as workers’ compensation and even assistance from friends and family. The SSA also investigates assets that candidates own, such as property, life insurance, and anything that could be sold to pay for food and shelter.

However, the SSA will not count certain assets toward the resource limit. For example, individuals do not have to treat their home, household goods, burial plots, or car as part of the resources counted toward the limit.

What Are the Physical Qualifications for SSI in Milton?

Proving that an applicant meets the standard of disability for benefits can be more difficult than demonstrating their economic eligibility. An SSI hearing claims advocate in Milton can cite testimonies from medical or vocational experts as evidence of an individual’s scope of impairment. A claimant must establish through a preponderance of evidence that they are not only unable to continue working at a former job but also unable to work at any job because of a disabling condition which is expected to last at least a year.

Appealing a Denial

If the SSA denies an applicant the benefits they are entitled to, they have four opportunities to appeal the agency’s decision. A claimant can request a reconsideration by SSA staff members. Then, they may attend a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is at this hearing that additional evidence may be submitted to support an applicant’s denied claim.

If the outcome of the administrative hearing is unsatisfactory, the claimant may ask for a review by the Appeals Council. After exhausting all the administrative remedies, an applicant may file a claim in federal court.

Get in Touch with a Milton SSI Attorney Today

A Milton SSI lawyer can assist you at any stage during the application or appeals process. Working with an experienced legal advocate can help ensure that you make your strongest case to receive monetary benefits and Medicaid. For a free consultation to learn more about how one of our experienced team members can improve your case, call today.

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