Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, can provide critical assistance if you are unable to pay the rent, buy food, and meet other basic needs due to a disability. However, those most in need of benefits often receive word that their applications have been denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Fortunately, receiving a denial does not mean the end of a claim.

A Milton SSI denial lawyer can help you appeal a rejected claim and demonstrate that you are entitled to receive disability benefits. Working with a well-versed legal advocate from an experienced Social Security disability law firm after a denial can help you avoid costly mistakes that could ultimately jeopardize your claim.

Why Does the SSA Issue Denials on SSI Claims?

To reverse the denial of an SSI claim, it is important to understand why the SSA did not award benefits. In many cases, claimants who receive denials actually do qualify for benefits, but many fail to demonstrate their eligibility.

A Milton hearing claims advocate who has experience with SSI denials could review the details of a claimant’s situation to identify the best way to document their eligibility in a way that satisfies application requirements imposed by the SSA. The denial letter from the SSA is a good starting point for analysis, and a member of our team can help interpret what is required to achieve a successful outcome.

Documenting a Disability

In order to receive SSI benefits, an applicant must demonstrate that they are either blind or that they suffer from a disability which prevents them from working and earning income. Proving that a claimant suffers from a disabling condition can be challenging.

An SSI applicant must show that they have a medically identifiable condition which is expected to last at least a year or result in death. The claimant’s impairment must prevent them from performing work-related tasks such as standing, sitting, lifting, and concentrating. An SSI denial lawyer in Milton can obtain testimonies from medical and vocational experts to verify that an applicant’s disability prevents them from participating in gainful employment.

Financial Requirements

Because SSI is not funded by payroll taxes like other Social Security programs, applicants must have limited resources in order to qualify for disability benefits. The SSA will examine any income a person receives from all sources, including financial assistance from family and friends.

Additionally, the agency must consider any assets that could be sold to pay for food and shelter. However, applicants for SSI benefits are allowed to keep some assets such as a home, a car, and personal effects, as these would not be counted against their economic eligibility.

What Are the Options for Appealing an SSI Denial in Milton?

Those who receive a denial letter from the SSA have four opportunities to appeal the agency’s decision. One of our experienced representatives can help ensure that all deadlines are met and requirements are fulfilled in order to take advantage of an applicant’s appellate opportunities.

An applicant may begin the appeals process by requesting reconsideration from SSA staff members. If they receive a second denial, they may request a hearing before an administrative law judge where they can submit new evidence to support their claim.

A subsequent denial of benefits would make the claim eligible for review by the Appeals Council. If this step of the appellate process does not yield a favorable outcome, the claimant may file a claim in federal court. Enlisting the help of an attorney who is familiar with appealing denials for SSI benefits is imperative for obtaining maximum benefits.

Consult a Milton SSI Denial Attorney Today

SSI denials can be disheartening, but they do not mean that an applicant is ineligible for benefits. If your application for SSI was denied, you can prove your eligibility during the appeals process with the help of our team.

You should work with an experienced Milton SSI denial lawyer from our firm to improve your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. To learn more about we can help your situation, call us today.

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