Milton SSI Claims

The claims process for obtaining Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Milton can be very complicated. While it may appear that you can pursue a claim by simply completing a form online or by visiting a local Social Security office, filing an effective application requires the skill of an experienced attorney.

Filing an initial application is only the start of the process. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may demand additional information concerning an applicant’s health, their work history, and their day-to-day activities. A person who fails to provide any of this information may see a delay in an already lengthy process or even receive an outright denial of benefits.

A dedicated legal advocate from our team can help guide you through Milton SSI claims. Let us advise you on filing an initial application, assist you with initiating an appeal, and represent your interests at a judge’s hearing if necessary.

Completing an Initial Application

The first step in pursuing a Milton SSI claim is to submit an initial application to the SSA. A printable version can be found on the agency’s website, but the most efficient way to start a claim is to file through the SSA’s online portal.

Regardless of the method that a person chooses to apply, they will need to provide the same critical information. This includes:

Once a person submits an initial application, they can expect a decision from the SSA within three to five months. Unfortunately, most initial applications are met with a denial due to a lack of concrete evidence concerning the extent of a person’s disability. However, a claim for SSI benefits does not have to end after an initial denial.

Helping Applicants Pursue the Appropriate Appeals

Regardless of the reason for a denial, all applicants retain the right to request an appeal. The denial letter that a claimant receives will outline the reasons for their rejection and give them 60 days to request a reconsideration from the SSA.

Unfortunately, reconsiderations are likely to result in a subsequent denial because the application goes back to the SSA staff members who first considered the claim. Ultimately, this is just another step that an applicant must take to receive benefits.

If this appeal fails to bring the desired result, an applicant may request a hearing before an administrative law judge. These hearings take place in person and provide claimants with a chance to present additional supporting evidence to a judge who is not bound by the same procedural standards of the SSA.

Ask an Attorney about Filing Milton SSI Claims

Effective Milton SSI claims must provide clear, consistent, and timely evidence to the SSA. Admissible evidence of your eligibility includes financial statements, medical records, and work history reports.

It is understandable for people to become confused and frustrated over the claims process. Hiring a hearing claims advocate can give you the best chance for success. Call our office today to learn more about this process from a professional.

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