Milton SSI Benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can be substantially beneficial for a person’s financially wellbeing. It is important to understand how these benefits work and what amount of money that it is possible to receive.

For example, many applicants do not realize that their SSI payments will be offset by their workers’ compensation, state benefits, and food stamps. For help with understanding and obtaining Milton SSI benefits, it is best to consult with a local attorney.

Meeting Requirements

SSI benefits require a claimant to prove that they suffer from a mental or physical condition which prevents them from working a full-time job. Additionally, they must demonstrate that they do not have any other sources of income. To pursue disability benefits from the SSA, a person must submit an initial application that includes medical records, daily activity reports, and medication lists.

Receiving a Denial

Most initial applications are met with a denial, and receiving SSI benefits in Milton is often only possible after a hearing before an administrative law judge. This process may require a person to stay up to date on their case for as many as two years. For this reason, it is advisable to enlist the professional help and guidance of a hearing claims advocate from our firm before initiating an appeal.

What Benefits Can a Person Expect from a Successful SSI Claim?

The maximum level of SSI benefits that a person may receive changes on a year-to-year basis and is connected to the consumer price index. If a person is married, their rate of pay increases. As of 2020, the personal rate will increase to $783 per month while the couples’ rate will rise to $1,175 per month.

Children may also receive a portion of the SSI benefits that go to their parents, as kids are included in the list of “essential persons” in Social Security law. As of 2020, having a disabled child may qualify a Milton claimant for increased SSI benefits.

It is also important to note that the State can provide additional benefits to people who qualify as disabled under SSI. In sum, a person can expect to receive around $800 per month in total benefits under the SSI benefits program in Milton.

Receiving SSI Benefits in Milton with an Attorney’s Help

Suffering an illness or injury that leaves you unable to work can have a devastating effect on you and your family. While some insurance programs such as workers’ compensation or state unemployment benefits can provide temporary relief, a person’s condition may become permanent and threaten their financial wellbeing.

If you suffer from a condition that leaves you unable to work for at least one year, you may qualify for Milton SSI benefits. This program can provide around $800 per month to individuals or $1,200 per month to married couples to pay a mortgage, put food on the table, or provide for their children. A lawyer can provide more information about the potential SSI benefits in Milton and guide you through the application process. Contact our firm today to get started.

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