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When a couple pursues a no-fault divorce, neither side has the burden of proving that the other is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. This is different from the traditional approach, which involves pitting both sides against each other to lay blame for the end of the relationship.

There are obvious benefits to this approach, but also some important factors to consider. A dedicated divorce attorney from our firm can review the facts of your case and help you understand your options. Let a Milton no-fault divorce lawyer assist you with turning the page and moving forward with your life.

Understanding Faultless Grounds

When you choose to seek the dissolution of your marriage, your petition must set out specific grounds. These are the factors that led to the end of your relationship. In Georgia, you have the option of fault or no-fault grounds. As the name suggests, fault-based divorce means the parties must litigate who was ultimately responsible for causing the breakup.

Establishing no-fault grounds with your Milton attorney can be much less contentious. Instead of both sides pointing fingers at each other, it is enough to agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken. That means showing the court that there is no chance for reconciliation between the parties.

How Does No-Fault Divorce Work?

Selecting this approach for the divorce grounds will not impact the other aspects of how your case plays out. You will still need to comply with all of the laws related to the dissolution of your marriage.

First, there are residency requirements to consider. One of the spouses must live in the state for at least six months before the filing of the complaint. It should be noted that the party meeting this requirement does not have to be the one initiating proceedings. In other words, you could file while living out of state so long as your spouse has resided in Georgia for the past six months.

You will also need to comply with a waiting period before the family court can grant a final decree in your case. This is true even when both parties are on the same page with the no-fault approach. The waiting period lasts for 31 days, and it begins to expire the moment you file the complaint with the court. Often, parties taking this approach can resolve any disputes before they file, which can lead to a final resolution within 31 to 40 days. A Milton no-fault divorce attorney from our firm can give you a better understanding of how long your specific case may take to resolve.

Why No-Fault Divorce?

There are plenty of reasons why pursuing a no-fault divorce might be in your best interest. In general, this option is far less costly in terms of both time and money. Cost savings are possible because the process can take far less time when there is no need to prove who caused the breakup.

It is important to remember that this process does not mean you have to pretend your spouse has done nothing wrong. These proceedings do not erase or cover up the issues that brought your marriage to an end, they simply allow you to move forward without fighting over the particulars in court. An attorney in Milton can advise you when a no-fault divorce might be in your interests.

Talk to a No-Fault Divorce Attorney in Milton

The breakdown of a marriage can be painful, but many couples are able to separate and move on with their lives without the need for a contentious court battle. Let a Milton no-fault divorce lawyer help you understand your options.

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