When it comes to handling a high-value divorce, it is vital to retain an attorney whom you can trust to oversee the settlement process with your best interests in mind. A Milton high asset divorce lawyer can help you navigate the division of marital property and other assets while ensuring that your rights and future interests are adequately protected.

One of our divorce attorneys can provide qualified legal counsel and help ease your burden during what may otherwise be a stressful time in your life. Let a member of our team explain how property division laws would impact asset distribution in your case.

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    Marital Versus Separate Property

    Georgia courts must adhere to the legal doctrine of equitable distribution when dividing a couple’s marital property during a divorce. This means it is likely that any assets obtained by either spouse during the course of their marriage would be considered marital property subject to equitable distribution upon divorce or separation.

    Any debts acquired while the two parties were married would also fall under equitable distribution laws. It is important to understand that the equitable distribution of assets does not mean a 50/50 split. The actual division of the marital property would depend on several elements, including the current economic circumstances and financial prospects of both parties.

    Assets that would be considered separate property include those acquired before marriage and inheritances, when those have been kept as separate property; property that is acquired after the two parties have separated; and any property outlined in a marital agreement.

    Common Holdings at Issue in High Asset Divorce Cases

    Identifying and measuring the value of all divisible assets in the event of a high asset divorce can be made easier with the help of a skilled Milton attorney. Common types of assets which must be divided in high net-worth divorce cases include:

    • Stocks;
    • Business holdings;
    • Vacation homes;
    • Securities;
    • Trusts;
    • Retirement accounts; and
    • Investment portfolios.

    A lawyer in Milton is able to consult with accountants, certified financial planners, and other qualified specialists to ensure all high-value assets are adequately considered in the final divorce settlement. Certain assets, such as 401ks or other employer retirement plans, can be extremely difficult to divide without the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney and industry professionals.

    Consult with a Milton High Asset Divorce Attorney Today

    Our team understands how emotionally and financially trying the divorce process can be. If you are preparing for the dissolution of your marriage, it is wise to be concerned about how the equitable division of assets could affect your future. A well-versed attorney can advise you on the most effective legal strategies for your case to reach the most advantageous resolution possible.

    A Milton high asset divorce lawyer can review the details of your case and consult with relevant experts to locate shielded assets, evaluate any businesses you own, and fight for the equitable division of your marital property. Let us help you make the property division process as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Schedule your case consultation by calling our intake team today.

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