If you are unable to work because of a medical or mental condition, you may be eligible for payments through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). As part of the federal system overseen by the Social Security Administration (SSA), this program provides benefits to qualified individuals who cannot maintain gainful employment because of long-lasting or permanent disabilities. Qualifying for SSDI is based on medical and legal eligibility and how severely an applicant’s condition affects them.

Complex guidelines control this process, and many applicants must go through several appeals before obtaining a favorable outcome. If you have questions about the SSDI claims process in Marietta, you can benefit by seeking help from our team of experienced lawyers. An attorney who is familiar with how Marietta SSDI claims typically progress could be a valuable ally as you pursue much-needed benefits.

Who is Eligible to File an SSDI Claim in Marietta?

There are several factors that determine who may file a claim for SSDI benefits in Marietta. These typically relate to whether someone is considered “insured” by the SSA, and whether their disability negatively affects their work significantly enough to qualify for compensation.

Insured Status for SSDI

To qualify for disability compensation, you must pass tests related to how recently you last worked and how long you paid into the Social Security system through your wages. Anyone who works and pays federal taxes — typically through salary deductions — contributes to this system. The amount of work and total contributions required to qualify may vary based on an individual worker’s age when they become disabled.

Which Disabilities Should You Include in a Marietta SSDI Claim?

To be considered disabled for the purposes of an SSDI claim, a Marietta worker must have a qualifying physical or psychological impairment that keeps them from being able to engage in gainful employment. SSDI only covers long-lasting or permanent disabilities and likely fatal conditions, which means it does not provide benefits for short-term or partial impairments. Examples of disabilities that may be considered for SSDI eligibility include:

SSDI typically applies to situations when an individual cannot work in a variety of vocations. This may include but is not limited to the job they had at the time of disability. In determining whether someone qualifies as disabled by this standard, the Social Security Administration applies complex guidelines and regulations that applicants in Marietta awaiting responses to SSDI claims may have trouble understanding an attorney’s guidance.

Applying for SSDI

There are several ways that an applicant can go about seeking disability benefits. In Marietta, workers may file an SSDI claim online, in person at the local SSA office, or by telephone. Millions of people apply for disability benefits each year, and the SSA denies well over half of all initial applications.

Applicants should try and present a strong initial application while still being prepared to go through one or more appeals. If an application is initially denied, the claimant may appeal the decision through a “request for reconsideration.”

If a reconsideration appeal is not successful, you could further appeal your case to an SSA Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ would hold a hearing in which they will consider evidence and testimony to determine your eligibility for SSDI. If your SSDI claim is still denied in Marietta, you could appeal again to the SSA Appeals Council, and lastly to a federal court if necessary.

Let a Marietta Lawyer Help You File an SSDI Claim

If you have a disability that prohibits you from working, you could benefit from seeking help from our team. Throughout the Marietta SSDI claims process, it is crucial for you to present as thorough an application as possible.

Getting the help of a dedicated and understanding lawyer to guide you through this process can prove essential in presenting a complete and persuasive claim, as well as being prepared to go through one or more appeals as you seek the benefits you need and deserve. For more information about how our legal team can help with each step of your Marietta SSDI claim, call today.

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