Marietta SSDI Benefits

If you live in Marietta and suffer from a physical or mental condition that makes work impossible, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. This is a federal insurance program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that provides partial income replacement benefits for disabled workers.

However, the specifics of Marietta SSDI benefits can be confusing, and many applicants need help filing their initial application, appealing any denied claim, and understanding their legal rights in seeking needed aid. Our team of knowledgeable SSDI attorneys can help you navigate the nuanced disability insurance system and get the help you need.

Disability Requirements for SSDI

To be considered disabled for the purposes of SSDI, a worker in Marietta must have a physical or psychological medical condition is expected to result in death or last over one year. Under SSDI, there is no such thing as partial or short-term disability benefits.

Essentially, to receive Marietta SSDI benefits, the applicant must not be able to perform “substantial gainful activity” because of their condition. The SSA defines this standard by setting a certain monthly earning level. Applicants who are earning over this amount at the time of application are not eligible for SSDI benefits in Marietta.

In determining disability, the SSA does not only look at whether the applicant cannot perform the job that they had been working, but also whether they’re able to work in any job for which they would otherwise be qualified due to the functional limitations of their disability. Complex regulations and guidelines govern whether an applicant qualifies as disabled, but an experienced attorney in Marietta could help to explain the nuances of these rules for SSDI benefits to a hopeful applicant.

Work Requirements for Aid

In order to receive aid through SSDI, a disabled worker must have worked enough to have contributed a certain amount to the Social Security system prior to filing for benefits. These contributions come through FICA withholdings deducted from paychecks or self-employment taxes. The worker also must pass two tests known as the “recent work test” and the “duration of work test” to qualify for SSDI benefits.

To pass the recent work test, anyone aged 31 or older must have worked for at least five of the previous 10 years. For younger and older workers, the work test sets a minimum total number of years of work based on the worker’s age at the time they become disabled, ranging from 1.5 years for workers under age 25 to 10 years for workers who are 62 or older at the time of disability. Disabled individuals who have not worked enough to qualify for SSDI may still be able to receive benefits under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

Let a Social Security Lawyer Help You Obtain SSDI Benefits in Marietta

The application is lengthy and filled with questions that you must answer carefully, requiring an understanding of how the disability insurance system works. Because of this, the SSA initially denies many applications, requiring appeals and additional paperwork.

Applying for Marietta SSDI benefits can be an overwhelming and technical process, and you should not have to navigate it alone. If you are unable to work because of a disability, you may benefit from the guidance of a skilled SSDI attorney.

For many, getting the help of a skilled disability advocate could make the difference between a successful and quickly processed application and a denied claim. Call today to learn more about your rights under the Social Security system and get assistance with properly filing your initial Marietta SSDI benefits application.

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