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The United States has a complex Social Security Disability system. Whether you are a single mother unable to work due to illness, a parent whose child has a challenging condition that requires additional help, or a recently disabled father attempting to look after his family, you will likely find it difficult to claim benefits.

The complicated requirements and rules of the process make it difficult for a layman to obtain payments successfully. Regardless of whether you are a first-timer seeking benefits or someone who has faced many Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) denials previously, it is recommended that you consult a Marietta SSDI lawyer for an expert opinion.

Fundamentals of Social Security Disability Insurance

Many people with disabilities find it difficult to generate an adequate income. Some jobs that can be easily done by people without any health issues can be extremely difficult for those with a disability.

This makes it next to impossible for them to take up a job and bring home a paycheck. This is why individuals who are disabled need a reliable income to help them live a respectable life.

For a large number of people, this means claiming SSDI benefits. However, the method of applying for it and getting approval is a laborious one. An experienced Social Security Disability representative can help advocate for individuals trying to claim SSDI and can prove extremely helpful in the process and its outcome.

Who Can Claim SSDI Benefits?

Anyone who has held jobs previously and contributed to Social Security with a disability that is likely to last for a minimum of a year or lifelong, might be able to seek benefits.

Their medical condition, their income, and their work history will be evaluated by the Social Security Administration (SSA). As this process tends to be complex and approvals can be difficult to come by, it might be beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney.

In Case of Denial

Though it might appear that someone has substantial grounds to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, the reality is that all claims are not successful, at least not immediately. All too often, most of the claims for SSDI are initially denied disability benefits. If this happens, the applicant can appeal and put forth their case again, and in many instances, repeatedly.

It is understandable that people who claim SSDI benefits would be anxious to get their case approved and start receiving payments. Thus, speaking to a qualified Marietta SSDI attorney can help them understand the process fully. The attorney will also assist the individual throughout the process to protect their legal rights.

How a Marietta SSDI Attorney Can Help

Right from the start, an experienced lawyer can help ensure that your Social Security Disability claim is put together in such a manner as to help you succeed in securing benefits and maximizing recovery. In most instances, this will involve coordinating with your doctors to collect all the necessary treatment records and obtain a statement from your medical team about your disability.

Your attorney will scrutinize all records and put them together so that they present your situation in a favorable light. They can also represent you before a judge and make an opening as well as closing arguments related to your disability.

A Marietta SSDI lawyer can also help prepare legal briefs, take your testimony in the presence of the judge, and cross-examine the medical or vocational experts who testify during the proceedings. If your case is strong enough, your legal counselor may be able to settle out of court and even avoid a courtroom trial. Call today to learn more.

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