Marietta SSDI Denial Lawyer

While it may be discouraging to receive a denial after submitting a claim for benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, a denial does not have to be the final answer. Federal law provides several methods of reconsidering disability applications.

Moreover, some of these appeals provide additional opportunities for applicants to demonstrate that they qualify for benefits. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your claim for benefits, a Marietta SSDI denial lawyer can assist with the appeal process. A dedicated SSDI attorney can help make sure that deadlines are met and that you present evidence in a manner that gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Understanding the Reason for an SSDI Denial

A Social Security disability representative can help identify the cause of the denial and work to address it. One of the most common grounds for an SSDI denial is related to employment. To be eligible for SSDI, a person must be unable to maintain gainful employment due to their disability. A person who is able to maintain gainful employment would not be eligible for SSDI benefits.

Other SSDI claims could be denied for filing after the deadline, failing to attach necessary evidence, or not cooperating with the Social Security Administration’s requests. Fortunately, one of our diligent Marietta SSDI denial attorneys can help you file an appeal in all these circumstances.

What Are Hearings in Marietta?

It is possible to view SSDI denials at the initial and reconsideration level as necessary steps to reach the hearing where the case will truly be decided. In other words, many applicants receive SSDI denials before finally obtaining approval at the hearing level. In the hearing, the applicant can present evidence to an administrative law judge. Many applicants in Marietta choose to work with an SSDI denial lawyer at this point, if not before.

An attorney may ensure compliance with the agency’s rules regarding the submission of evidence and other aspects of the case. In addition, a lawyer familiar with SSDI hearings will understand how to collect and present evidence in a persuasive manner to make the best case for an approval.

If the Hearing Results in a Denial

Even if the administrative law judge does not rule in favor of awarding benefits and issues another SSDI denial, there are still other options to pursue. The first is a review by the Appeals Council, who could uphold the decision, change it, or send the case back to the administrative law judge for further consideration.

If the Appeals Council issues an unfavorable ruling or declines to review the case, the denial may be appealed to federal district court. Although applicants may represent their own interests in appeal proceedings, it can be very difficult to present a case effectively without prior knowledge of and experience with the procedures involved. Therefore, working with a Marietta SSDI denial attorney may be beneficial.

Consult with a Dedicated Marietta SSDI Denial Attorney

Although a denial of SSDI benefits may be frustrating, you have options available. An experienced Marietta SSDI denial lawyer can help you understand that denials are just a stage of the application process. To learn how a qualified disability attorney can help you work to obtain benefits, call now for a consultation.

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