Gwinnett SSDI Application Process

It can be a jarring experience to become disabled. Especially if you spent their entire adult life working and providing for your family, the need to ask for physical or financial assistance can be daunting.

The good news is that if you have paid income tax, you have contributed to and may be eligible for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. This program provides payments needed to ensure a stable financial footing for disabled workers and their families.

However, the Gwinnett SSDI application process can be very complex and difficult to complete alone. Potential recipients must provide detailed information concerning their medical history, doctors’ records, and past employment. Fortunately, a qualified Social Security lawyer could assist you with this process to give you the best chance of success.

When Filing a Claim is Appropriate

Workers who have paid income tax have contributed to the SSDI program for their entire working lives. As a result, as soon as a person becomes disabled, they may be eligible to file an application. But what does it mean to be disabled in Gwinnett County?

There are a number of conditions that may qualify a worker as disabled. Prominent examples of these conditions include:

Any condition that limits a person’s ability to work may qualify as a disabling condition. However, it must have already lasted—or be expected to last—at least 12 months. Their condition must also prevent this person from participating in any “substantially gainful activity,” meaning they cannot work in any job for at least 30 hours a week. This can limit many people to jobs involving simple labor or basic office functions, but if they can perform this job, they are not considered disabled.

How to File a Successful Application

While any person who is left unable to work may file an application for SSDI, a successful attempt must contain detailed information such as:

The Social Security Administration has published a checklist that can help people be prepared to file an application. When actually filing, an applicant may do so online or in person at a Social Security office. An attorney could help people with the initial SSDI application process in Gwinnett County to give them the best chance of initial success.

What to Expect Following the Application

If everything goes according to plan, the Social Security Administration (SSA) would accept the application and begin payments following the six-month waiting period. Unfortunately, however, most application meet an initial denial.

This is because most applicants are suffering from conditions that are not automatic qualifiers for benefits. Their cases require a more in-depth examination, and they may need to appeal their cases and eventually make an argument before a judge. During this process, it is important that applicants continue to seek consistent medical attention and provide all the follow-up paperwork requested by Social Security.

How a Gwinnett Attorney Could Help with SSDI Applications

Throughout the Gwinnett SSDI application process, a dedicated lawyer could help you remain organized and ensure that their paperwork is submitted on time. This organization and persistence can provide invaluable help when making an SSDI claim, so call today to learn more about what may be possible through yours.

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