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The breakdown of a marriage or long-term relationship can be an extremely challenging period. Child custody and visitation may be some of the most crucial matters you must navigate. It is typically in a parent’s best interest to avoid handling this process without a Cobb County visitation lawyer staunchly advocating on their behalf.

A skilled family attorney can work vigilantly to secure your parental rights and offer complete guidance from start to finish of the legal proceeding. Whether this guidance involves negotiating an equitable custody and visitation agreement with your former partner or presenting a robust and detailed case before a judge, our team has you covered.

Understanding Visitation in Georgia

It is essential to understand the context in which visitation rights may be granted, as these stem directly from the custodial arrangement you agree upon with your former partner. There are two types of custody: physical and legal.

Physical custody is where the child will live or maintain their primary residence. On the other hand, legal custody has to do with what parent can make appropriate life decisions about the child, including their medical care, education, or religious beliefs. Family courts typically lean in the direction of joint legal custody, except in situations where the active involvement of both parents in the child’s life would directly undermine their best interests.

Some parents may share physical custody, while one parent retains sole decision-making responsibilities or vice versa. When one parent retains primary physical custody of the child, a visitation schedule for the other parent comes into play. Working with a Cobb County attorney throughout establishing the custody and visitation process is essential. Our firm can review all aspects of any proposed agreements, help seek a favorable agreement that reflects the child’s best interests, and negotiate with the other side or present the case before a family court in pursuit of a favorable outcome.

Factors that Can Impact Visitation Schedules

Various elements can impact the final visitation schedule as laid out in the parenting plan. Beyond the personal schedules of each parent, the day-to-day scheduling patterns of the child can play a part in the agreement, including when the child is at school or sports, for example. Other factors that can impact the final visitation plan can include:

  • The level of engagement and cooperation from a parent to foster the child’s connection with the co-parent;
  • Whether the children have specific needs due to age, physical condition, or other reasons;
  • The nature of the living situation of both parents and the conditions that will surround the child’s interaction with each.

Additionally, visitation schedules can be subject to change if there is a material alteration in the circumstances of one or both parents (i.e., a job change) that could support a modification. A Cobb County attorney can provide additional insight into the process and what factors may be relevant in a particular situation.

Call a Cobb County Visitation Attorney

When you are facing a divorce or separation, and share children with your former partner, one of your chief concerns may be maintaining your relationship with your children. Even if you share an amicable relationship with your former spouse or partner, having a knowledgeable Cobb County visitation lawyer can help preserve your family’s best interests.

Our firm can analyze every aspect of a proposed parenting plan, identify and seek potential changes, interact with your former spouse’s attorney on your behalf, and advocate on your behalf in the courtroom if circumstances come to that. Call the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with a qualified team member to learn more about your legal options.

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