Cobb County Family Violence Lawyer

Household violence and abuse within families occur more often than many people realize. If you have experienced mistreatment from a family member, you can get the protection you need with the guidance of a compassionate Cobb County family violence lawyer.

Legal protections could be available if a loved one harmed you or your family. A diligent family law attorney could help you understand your options and follow the required procedures for obtaining protection.

Defining Family Violence

While family violence in Cobb County certainly includes abuse by a spouse, it can also entail other crimes and familial relationships.

Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-13-1 defines family violence as certain criminal acts between spouses, former partners, parents who share children, and other members of the same household. A dedicated Cobb County household violence attorney can determine which state laws apply to your situation and build a strong case accordingly.

What Legal Protections Are Available for Vulnerable Families in Cobb County?

Certain legal protections are available to those experiencing family violence. For example, the courts may issue an immediate protection order when a survivor of abuse petitions for relief under O.G.C.A. §19-13-3. Such orders may require an abuser to stay away from their victims or refrain from offensive behavior.

A judge can also issue orders regarding child custody to ensure that vulnerable children remain safe. A person who violates court orders or continues to commit acts of family violence may face serious legal consequences such as:

  • Contempt of court;
  • Immediate arrest; and
  • Criminal charges.

A person seeking protection must adhere to standard legal procedures in order to obtain and enforce an order. An experienced family abuse lawyer in the Cobb County area can help you follow court procedures to increase your chances of success.

How Does Household Violence in Cobb County Impact Child Custody?

A parent who experiences family violence may need to petition the court for the protection of their children. Sharing children with an abuser can be stressful and dangerous, but some legal relief may be available.

O.C.G.A. §19-9-3 requires a judge to award custody based on the children’s best interests, welfare, and emotional needs. If custody orders are in place before an incident of household violence, a modification may be necessary. A seasoned domestic violence lawyer in Cobb County can help you advocate for a custody plan that will keep your children out of danger.

Implementing Safety Provisions

When family violence occurrs, a judge would make the kids’ safety a priority and may order safety provisions under O.G.C.A. §19-9-7(a) to protect them from experiencing further abuse. According to O.G.C.A. §19-9-7(c), the tribunal may order:

  • Supervised or reduced visitation;
  • Custody transers in safe settings; and
  • An abuser to attend psychological counseling.

Understanding what safety provisions may be available to safeguard you and your children can be made easier with help from a well-versed family violence attorney in Cobb County.

Call a Cobb County Family Violence Attorney Today

Your household should be a place free from violence and abuse. If the actions of an abusive partner or family member have made your home or family unsafe, there may be legal recourse available to you. A Cobb County family violence lawyer can help you act quickly to keep yourself and your children safe. Call now to speak with our intake team about your legal options.

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